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ALGA is renowned for many things and especially the way its broad base of members – from industry, scientists, service providers, consultants, contractors, regulators and key stakeholders, all connect and engage to improve the performance of the sector. Our volunteer members and committee leaders represent our lifeblood and we are proud of the work they do on behalf of the contaminated land and groundwater sector as a whole.

Right across Australia and New Zealand every week, our members progress the aims of ALGA - helping it support Australasia become world leaders in assessing and remediating contaminated land and groundwater.


We are proud of the work of our seven interest groups currently in operation and our 13 branches. Once a year, nominations are held for positions on these committees so join now and become a member so you can look at this as an opportunity to get engaged in the future.


Interest Groups


Chair: Matthew Deaves – Eurofins

Nick Cowman – Enviropacific

David Dangerfield – EHS Support

Helen Davies – Aurecon

Ian Gregson – GHD

Cheryl Halim – ZOIC Environmental

Samuel Jackson – Thuroona Services

Chris Kennedy - WSP

Dru Marsh – EPA VIC

Ross McFarland – AECOM

Tim Muller – Landpro

Tony Scott – Coffey

Chair: Ruth Jarman – Environmental Risk Sciences

Karl Bowles – RPS

Marc Centner – ALS Environmental

Charles Grimison – Ventia Pty Ltd

Rebecca Hoare – Norton Rose Fullbright

Victoria Lazenby – ARCADIS

Cheryl Lim – National Measurement Institute

Annette Nolan – Ramboll

Vicki Pearce – ECT2

Robert Symons –  Eurofins

Andrew Thomas – Enviropacific

Peter Zafiropolous – GHD

Chair: Frederic Cosme – Geosyntec Consultants

Camillo Coladonato – Dow Chemical

Chris Duesterberg – Nation Partners

Joe Duran – Golder Associates

Tina Girard – BHP

Lange Jorstad – Geosyntec Consultants

Chris Kline – Dougla Partners

Anne Northway  – EPA VIC

Casey O'Farrell – Coffey

Gareth Oddy – ENGEO

Tim Robertson – Chevron Australia 

Sarah Schiess – Tonkin + Taylor

Chair: Miles Stratford – MethSolutions

Giovanni Agosti – Envirolab

Pierina Otness – Dept Health WA

Liam Taylor – Savana Environmental

Paul Turyn – SLR Consulting

Jackie Wright – enRiskS   

Chair: Therese Manning – Environmental Risk Sciences

Judith Betts – Bayside City Council

Stephen Cambridge – EHS-Support

Marcus Herrmann – Riley Consultants

Rebecca Hoare – Norton Rose Fullbright

Victor Kabay – EPA VIC

Ken Kiefer  – ERM

John Massie – Western Environmental

Abanish Nepal – Construction Sciences

Carmel Parker – Johnstone McGee & Gandy

Chair: David Tully – Contaminated Land Solutions

Fouad Abo – GHD

Victor Arias – ESP

Tanya Astbury – Viva Energy

John Hunt – Ventia

Ross McFarland – AECOM

Peter Nadebaum – GHD

Rachel Rait – Dept Conservation NZ

Amandine Schneider – PSK Environmental

Tony Scott – Coffey

Warren Sharp – Davis Ogilvie & Partners

Kristin Wasley – EPA VIC

Chair: Jackie Wright – enRiskS

Dawit Bekele – University of Newcastle

Ben Dearman – Biogas Systems

Dane Egelton – CSI Australia 

Brendan Grant – Kleinfelder

Kristian Hansen – SGS

Simon Hunt – EHS Support

Ken Kiefer – ERM

James Lucas – The Environmental Protection Group

Aidan Marsh –  JBSG

John Massie – John P Massie

Stuart Thurlow –  Australian Environmental Auditors


Branch Committees




Kieren Burns  – ALS Environmental

Brendan Grant  – Kleinfelder Australia

Shya Jackson  – WSP    (Chair)

Kyra Reznikov  – Finlaysons

Dainis Skabe  – SA Water

Adrian Webber  – Mud Environmental

Tom Wilson  – ienviro.co

Katrina Zenger  – Origin Energy

Kylie Bradley  – CDM Smith

Zachary Chataway  – ALS Environmental

Ned Connolly  – SLR Consulting Australia

Stephan Gabas  – Symbio Environmental

Rebecca Hoare  – Norton Rose Fulbright Australia

Rick Molloy  – MTK Group

Chris Pratt  – Griffith University

Amandine Schneider  – PSK Environmental

Andrew Thomas    (Chair)

Jeremy Wicks  – Coffey

Scott Carroll  – Tellus Holdings

Susan Dillon  – EMM Consulting

Kelly Lee  – SESL Australia

Michael Wroblewski  – ACT NoWaste

Kiara Crook  – GHD

Gwenda Hayes  – Envirolab Services Darwin

Jon Miller  – The Remediation Group

Sarah Perkins  – SLR Consulting

Paul Turyn  – SLR Consulting

Penny Flukes  – EPA VIC

Gabrielle Guthrie  – Guthrie Legal

Matcham Lear  – AECOM

Tom Madill  – Tonkin + Taylor   (Chair)

Will Magnus  – Enviropacific Services

Peter Mercuri  – Matrix Drilling

Clinton Smiljanic  – Environmental Earth Sciences

Craig Trimbur  – Aurecon Australasia

Gemma Williams  – Nation Partners

Victor Arias  – ESP - Environmental & Safety Professionals

Dawit Bekele  – University of Newcastle

Howard Bridgman  – GHD    (Chair)

Scott Carroll  – Tellus Holdings

Emma Coleman  – Qualtest Laboratory

Kirsty Greenfield  – Ramboll

Anna Lundmark  – Hunter Water Corporation

Ross McFarland  – AECOM

James McMahon  – JM Environments

Abanish Nepal  – Construction Sciences

Tanya Astbury  – Viva Energy

Shandel Coleman  – Australian Environmental Auditors

Matthew Deaves  – Eurofins | Environment Testing

Samuel Jackson  – Thuroona Services

Chris Kennedy  – WSP

Ciaran Lavery  – ARCADIS    (Chair)

Justin Lumsden  – Senversa

Robin Smolarek  – Water Corporation

Peter Zafiropoulos  – GHD

Scott Carroll  – Tellus Holdings

Craig Cowper  – Construction Sciences

Naomi Lee  – NSW EPA

Scott Carroll  – Tellus Holdings     (Chair)

Emmylou Cooke  – GHD

Nick Cowman  – Enviropacific Services    (Chair)

Charl Du Preez  – Eurofins | Environment Testing

Chris Duesterberg  – Nation Partners

Jarrod Irving  – Jemena

Scott James  – ALS Environmental

Marina Leung  – Environment Protection Authority

Danielle Toase  – ARCADIS

Howard Waldron  – Lotsearch

Scott Carroll  – Tellus Holdings

Sophie Le Roux  – pitt&sherry

Carmel Parker  – Environmental Service & Design    (Chair)

Jeremy Richardson  – Australian Antarctic Division




Barton Bauzon  – Auckland Council

Claire Davies  – ENGEO

Cara Di Vitto  – Tonkin + Taylor

Marcus Herrmann  – Riley Consultants

Stanley Howell  – Aurecon New Zealand    (Chair)

Simon Hunt  – EHS Support New Zealand

Erin Richards  – Pattle Delamore Partners

Michael Ritchie  – Eurofins | Environment Testing

Fiona Rudsits  – Auckland Council

Andrew Walker  – GHD

Chris Allman  – Pattle Delamore Partners

Luke Beirne  – Aurecon

Jonathan Findon  – Geohazard Environmental

James Gladwin  – WSP-Opus

Rita Martin  – Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Alan Woodger  – Stratum Consultants

Rachael Zame  – Cooney Lees Morgan

Graham Aveyard  – Environment Canterbury

Stuart Cole  – 4sight Consulting

Helen Davies  – Aurecon New Zealand

Stephanie Koviessen  – Golder Associates

Gareth Oddy  – ENGEO

Rachel Rait  – Department of Conservation   (Chair)

Warren Sharp  – Davis Ogilvie & Partners

Sarah Smith  – Envira Consulting

Jens Zollhofer  – Eliot Sinclair

James Blackwell  – 4Sight Consulting

Ben Hutchison  – GHD

Shauna McAuley  – Aurecon New Zealand

James Mitchell  – Ministry for the Environment

Martin Robertson  – Z Energy

Bo Simkin  – Pattle Delamore Partners

Kim Wepasnick  – Land Information New Zealand    (Chair)

ALGA Industry Directory

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