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Why Partner with ALGA?

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA), established in 2007, is the largest nonprofit association in Australia & New Zealand, dedicated to promoting the protection, restoration and management of land and groundwater.

ALGA offers:

  • training & education to industry professionals
  • collects and shares knowledge
  • creates volunteering opportunities

Utilise ALGA to connect with a diverse audience and educate your future clients on your company’s expertise. Marketing with ALGA guarantees your message and brand are delivered.

Let ALGA help you achieve your goals, from awareness to engagement to new business.

Partner Benefits

  • company logo displayed on our website footer (under relevant level)
  • listing on our website in the “directory” under relevant capabilities
  • company logo displayed on slides at relevant branch events
  • 10% discount on EcoForum exhibition booths
  • and much more depending on level and option taken out (please see table below)


Other forms of Corporate partnership are available  

To discuss further please contact Annalisa Haskell, 



ALGA offers 5 levels of Partnership

Prices are in AUD or NZD and exclude GST (10% AU,  15% NZ):

Premium level of Partnership
High level of Partnership
Medium level of Partnership
Medium level of Partnership
Partnership level open to all government agencies –
local, state and federal - see option 2

Partnering up with ALGA will enable us to improve and expand member opportunities such as:

  • CPD point tracking system to enable a simple tracking and reporting process to accreditation bodies (such as CEnvP and CPSS);
  • Provide the first industry remuneration report – identifying trends and skills;
  • Continue to focus on further diversifying our membership - attracting more interest from property owners, developers as well as encouraging greater government involvement;
  • Increase both number and range of branch events & networking opportunities offered;
  • Identify training needs, both short and long term relevant to the industry;
  • Expand/fine tune the live/recorded webinar opportunities to support our out of state & regional colleagues; and
  • Hosting our 2020 EcoForum Conference & Exhibition in Darwin, NT in September.







2020 Partnership Offerings

(only 1 option)
(only 1 option)
Annual Fee Excl. GST
Add on Jurisdiction AU or NZ^ Excl. GST
Individual memberships included
75 ($11,250 value)
76+ @ $150ea. Excl. GST
50 ($7,500 value)
51+ @ $150.00ea. Excl. GST
20 ($3,000 value)
21+ @ $150ea. Excl. GST
5 ($750 value)
6+ @ $150ea. Excl. GST
Company logo displayed on opening slide at Branch events
Company logo displayed on closing slide at Branch events
Company logo displayed on ALGA website
Company logo and listing etc. on website directory
1 premium listing
1 listing
1 listing
Logo & contact
details only
1 listing
Use of ALGA logo
Preferential ALGA Conference Sponsorship
Up to 5 members free to any one Branch event*
Up to 2 members free to any Webinar (eLearning)
Free job listings on our Member Resource Centre
Free webinar for members
^ Relevant Partnership allocation of Individual Memberships in
AU & NZ & Company Logo displayed at Branch events AU & NZ
* Excludes workshops.


What is unique about ALGA?


ALGA was formed to provide a forum and identity for the Australasian contaminated land and groundwater industry, and to support the many professionals working in the field. The core focus of this association is to support advances in the prevention, assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Ltd has a broad base of members including land owners, property developers, industry, consultants, scientist, contractors, regulatory agency staff, government, the legal profession, laboratory staff, financiers, insurers, researchers and academics.

ALGA Industry Directory


A 4/91 Hoddle St, Robertson NSW 2577
P 1300 789 719
E secretariat@landandgroundwater.com
ABN 70 240 612 745 IRD 116 017 768

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