Nominations for the Annual Industry Excellence Awards 2021 are now open!

The ALGA Industry Excellence Awards celebrate the best in contaminated land and groundwater management covering all aspects of the industry in Australia and New Zealand. The Awards are open to individuals, activities and projects incorporating best practices in the land and groundwater industry.

Submitting for an award at this esteemed event presents the perfect opportunity for you to express your commitment to safer living now and in the future whilst also appreciating the work of your fellow environmental practitioners.

Make sure to set aside in your calendar the evening of 2 of December 2021 to attend in-person or online to celebrate with the whole industry at the Annual Industry Excellence Awards!

Award Categories

Click on each award below to view the relevant entry criteria

Entries close on Thursday 14 October 2021.

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Entry information:

1. All entries must address each of the award criteria clearly and be backed by appropriate quantitative evidence.

2. In the event of joint entries please list all organisation that should be recognised on the Award if successful.

3. Each project submission can be entered into other Award categories. If entering an Award in more than one category, the entry must be tailored to match the relevant category's criteria.

4. Please ensure that all your material is clearly labelled with the Award category number/s you would like to be entered into.

5. All entries will be charged per submission.

6. Submission and or nomination entry/s are to be sent via the submission portal for distribution to the judges. The entry is to be limited to a maximum of 10,000 characters and up to 10 graphics (e.g. images, diagrams, charts) succinctly covering all required criteria in the category. Words in excess of this page/word limit will be disregarded.

7. The project entries must apply to a project substantially completed during 2020 or 2021.

8. The entry must apply to a project/individual within Australia or New Zealand.

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