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About SuRF-ANZ

Australasian Sustainable Remediation Forum (SuRF-ANZ) is an independent member of the International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA) proclaimed in 2016.

Sustainable remediation (SR) is a rapidly developing research and environmental management topic within Australasia and internationally. ALGA supports this group to help promote the use of sustainable practices within Australia and New Zealand, in terms of environmental, economic, and social indicators, during the remediation and development of contaminated land.

Our Mission

The group is committed to the development and promotion of sustainable remediation practices for application to contaminated land and groundwater projects.

Our Vision

SuRF-ANZ envision the principles of Sustainable Remediation to be not only applied, but also recognised as a necessary part of developing a site remediation and management strategy, Additionally, they envision having the principles written into formal regulatory requirements to be a normal part of responding to site contamination.

Our Strategy

In order to achieve our goals, the strategies are:

  • Promote awareness, need for, and knowledge of how to apply Sustainable Remediation (SR).
  • Embed SR within the National Remediation Framework (NRF).
  • Embed SR within Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA) ranking and certification process for major infrastructure projects.
  • Engage with Green Building Council of Australia and assist them in recognising SR on property developments as part of their rating scheme.
  • Encourage application of the Australian Standard ‘Soil Quality – Sustainable Remediation’ (AS ISO 18504: 2022) and the International Standard ‘Soil Quality – Sustainable Remediation’ (ISO 18504:2017) in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.
  • Share SuRF-ANZ program with international partners.
  • Reinforce that SR is how to remediate not whether or how much to remediate.

Our Achievements

The SuRF-ANZ specialist interest group achievements include:

  • Ongoing development of a Framework for Sustainable Remediation (SR).
  • Establishing "sustainable remediation" policy in consultation with members.
  • Providing web-based training and information resources.
  • Organising meetings and forums for SR dialogues.
  • Facilitating contact with international SR associations

What is sustainable Remediation?

As defined in Australian Standard AS ISO 18504:2022, Sustainable Remediation is the elimination and/or control of unacceptable risks in a safe and timely manner whilst optimising the environmental, social and economic value of the work.

The 4 minute video below is a short explanation from our SuRF-UK affiliate to help us understand the basics of sustainable remediation.


Gain insights into SuRF-ANZ, ISRA, sustainability in Australasian legislation and guidelines, the new Australian Standard on Sustainable Remediation and an award-winning case study on sustainable site assessment and remediation by viewing these individual short 2 to 15 minute presentations below, which were utilised in a webinar presented by SuRF-ANZ’s Chair in June 2023.


Our Volunteers

ALGA’s current SuRF-ANZ Specialist Interest Group volunteering committee:

  • Dr David Tully - Contaminated Land Solutions (CHAIR)
  • Alec Miller – Enviropacific
  • Ben Keet – K8 Ltd
  • Bianca Battams – Veolia
  • John Hunt – GHD
  • Katrina Zenger – Origin Energy
  • Lewis Black – Tonkin + Taylor
  • Matthew Clutterham – Ventia
  • Mitzi Bolton – Monash Sustainable Dev Inst
  • Nikki Meskanen – GHD
  • Paul Nathanail – LQM
  • Ross Edwards – JBS&G
  • Scott Carroll – Liberty Industrial
  • Tanya Astbury – GHD
  • Tony Scott – Tetra Tech Coffey

Would you like to get involved in the SuRF specialist interest group?

ALGA’s Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs) are normally available for members to volunteering on each year and ALGA has in total, ten Specialist Interest Groups (SIG) to match your area of interest and expertise that you can be part of and get involved.

Come and join forces in your interest area and share knowledge and experience with professionals of the contaminated land and groundwater wider industry. You will help create, manage and deliver a productive and relevant work agenda, and play a leading role in informing, advising and enlightening ALGA, its members, government and/or related industry stakeholders about the interest field.

Recommended Links

ALGA’s Industry Excellence Awards - Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition

2023 Award Winner

Congratulations to GHD, Ward Civil and Environmental Engineering for your winning submission: Jackson Place Remediation

2022 Award Winner

Congratulations to AECOM for your winning submission: Dual-Power Dual-Vapour Treatment Solar SVE and Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation

2021 Award Winner

Congratulations to AECOM for your winning submission: Low-Flow SVE and Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation.

2020 Award Winner

Congratulations to HAIL Environmental for your winning submission: Wharenui Rise Remediation Project.

2019 Award Winner

Congratulations to Wallis Lake Project Team for your winning submission: Remediation of Diesel Fuel Loss, Wallis Lake NSW.

2018 Award Winner

Congratulations to Enviropacific for your winning submission: Narellan Remediation Project.

2017 Award Winner

Congratulations to Burnie City Council and SYRINX Environmental for your winning submission: Waste Management Centre Landfill Leachate Treatment Project .

2016 Award Winner

Congratulations to Ventia for your winning submission: Macdonaldtown Gasworks Remediation

2015 Award Winner

Congratulations to Coffey Services Australia for your winning submission: Solar Thermal Aerobic Recirculation Treatment (START) System

Celebrating our previous Sustainable Remediation Project Winners

In light of the upcoming nomination deadlines for the 2023 John Pym and Sustainable Remediation Project Awards, we at ALGA have recently conducted interviews with our previous Sustainable Remediation Project winners. We hope that this inspires future award participants to go above and beyond in their contributions to sustainability.


The Australasian Land and Groundwater Association will recognise the best in contaminated land and groundwater management in Australia and New Zealand at ecoforum/SustRem 2023.?

This is for you the opportunity to nominate for an Award through two dedicated categories: ​

  • Award: Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition
  • Award: John Pym Excellence in Remediation Engineering


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