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This symposium explored the development and status of firefighting foam regulations both nationally and globally, drivers behind the changes, foam transition approaches, viable alternatives, lessons learned, and which areas require further research. The presenters have a wealth of experience in these fields and attendees will gain valuable knowledge on this important topic to both contaminated land professionals and the firefighting industry.

The recordings of the Fire Fighting Foam Symposium have been divided into 3 part with topics including:

Part 1: The history of Fire Fighting Foams, Global Foam Transition approaches, A Firefighters Journey and Environmental Management of Firefighting Foam–Industry-Regulator Partnerships in Queensland
Part 2: Case studies on Ampol, Qantas and Department of Defence
Part 3: Practicalities of Foam Transition and PFAS Decontamination, The Current State of Fluorine Free Foam Research, Large Scale, End User Driven Testing and Transition Issues of Fluorine Free Foams, Managing Foam Transitions to F3 Foams


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