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Building leaders in the sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater


PFAS impacts some of our most critical resources: land and groundwater. How we as a sector manage this contamination in the future is essential to reduce exposure and build public confidence.

ALGA's event agenda has been designed to allow you to be part of the solution, effect change and join your peers from across private and public sectors, as together we drive a conversation on the effective management of PFAS into the future.

This program is divided into 3 part with key topics of remediation, fate and transport, analytical innovation and regulation harmonisation, this event will include collaborative discussions on:

  • The future direction of the National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP)
  • Strategic futures into the remediation of PFAS
  • Progressive PFAS analytical innovations and technologies
  • Fate and transport as a key focus for PFAS management in the future





Thank you to our committee and supporters 

Designed by our Industry leading members, this event is designed to tackle the real issues to effect real change: 


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