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Congratulations to all the winners 2022!

The Annual Industry Excellence Awards 2022 happened on Friday 18th November in Melbourne.

We are pleased to announce the winners for the Industry Excellence Awards 2022, recognising the best in contaminated land and groundwater management in Australia and New Zealand.

Photo album is now available


Award 1: Best New Zealand Investigation and Environmental Outcome


Congratulations to EHS Support for the project Andrew Rumsby – Understanding Residential Soil Lead Contamination
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Award 2: Best Australian Investigation and Environmental Outcome - Sponsored by Eurofins

Congratulations to Kleinfelder, Aurecon, Government of South Australia for the The Torrens to Darlington (T2D) Project

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Award 3: Best Remedial Project (Less than $1 Million) - Sponsored by Rembind

Congratulations to Enviropacific for the project Managing Risk and Reducing Costs for a Complex, Unknown and Fire-Damaged Waste

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Award 4: Best Remedial Project (Greater than $1 Million) - Sponsored by Kleinfelder

Congratulations to Enviropacific for the project Benchmark Gasworks Remediation Practices in a Dense Urban Setting – Fitzroy Gasworks

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Award 5: Sustainable Remediation Project Management - Sponsored by ALS

Congratulations to AECOM for the project  Dual-Power Dual-Vapour Treatment Solar SVE and Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation
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Award 6: Innovation that has Advanced the Practice of Contaminated Site Assessment, Management and/or Remediation (including policy, regulation, investigation, risk assessment, and data management and analysis)

Congratulations to Eurofins for the project Australia’s first Commercial Laboratory for Microplastic Testing for Environmental Samples
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Award 7: Outstanding Contribution by an Individual

Congratulations to Casey O'Farell - Tetra Tech Coffey
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Award 8: Emerging Professional of the year

Congratulations to Emily Brown - Photon Energy Engineering Australia
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Award 9: Best Contaminated Land Photo - Sponsored by ADE Consulting Group

Congratulations to Enviropacific for the photo Safely Inspecting Hazardous Wastes with Thermal Imaging
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Award 10: ALGA Volunteer of the Year

Congratulations to Graham Aveyard – Environment Canterbury

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Award 11: Honorary Lifetime Member

Congratulations to Craig Cowper – Alliance Geotechnical

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