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Forming a Specialist Interest Group (SIG)


In line with its stated Vision, Mission and Objectives, the Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Ltd provides members with a common interest, the opportunity to form a SIG. This is consistent with ALGA’s Strategic Plan.

The specific objectives of these SIGs are to:

  • To provide a forum for people from across the industry, with specialist knowledge and interest in a defined area, to identify and address issues, share ideas and knowledge and provide opportunities for ALGA members to improve the awareness and knowledge of specialist areas;
  • To provide an identity that can go beyond ALGA activities to promote understanding and application of the specialist area, while always acknowledging ALGA as the primary organisation; and
  • To link with like-minded specialist groups both locally and internationally to draw on the developments overseas and share the Australasian experience.

Members can apply through the CEO for the establishment of a SIG. The application must include the names of up to eleven ALGA members who are interested in getting involved and who are prepared to actively participate in the inaugural committee.

The ALGA Board has the authority to approve or decline and, if required, close down a SIG. Consideration will be given to the anticipated level of interest in the theme of the SIG and the degree to which it may overlap with other SIGs. Assessment of annual performance will be as per the expectations set in the SIG Charter.

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