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P 1300 789 719
E secretariat@landandgroundwater.com
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Air-Met Scientific
Air-Met Scientific

7-11 Ceylon Street, Nunawading, VIC 3131
P: 1800 000 744
E: sales@airmet.com.au
W: http://www.airmet.com.au

Established in 1984, Air-Met Scientific is a market leader in the supply, service, rental and engineering of OHS and environmental monitoring solutions. Air-Met’s comprehensive range of instrumentation includes gas detectors, landfill gas analysers, groundwater monitoring instrumentation, air sampling pumps, soil samplers, environmental monitoring stations, dust monitors and more.


PO BOX 27, Medowie, NSW, 2318
P: 0455 907 966
E: information@ect2.com
W: http://www.ect2.com/

ECT is a recognized global leader in the development of engineering solutions for the removal of emerging contaminants, including PFAS, from water and vapor. Using its synthetic resin technologies, ECT’s systems, including its proprietary regenerable resin solution,  provide up to 20 times higher capacity than granular activated carbon at lower cost and a fraction of the waste volume.


Level 26, 44 Market St Sydney NSW 2000
P: 1300 417 697 (Int: +61 2 9089 8833)
E: info@hydroflux.com.au
W: http://www.hydroflux.com.au

The Hydroflux Group comprises eight specialist water and wastewater treatment companies operating throughout Australasia. As part of the Hydroflux Group, Hydroflux Industrial are water and wastewater treatment experts that use world leading research and technologies to provide advanced and sustainable treatment of difficult applications including those effected by Emerging Contaminants.

Lotsearch Pty Ltd
Lotsearch Pty Ltd

Level 3, 68 Alfred Street, Milsons Point, NSW 2061
P: (02) 8287 0680
E: support@lotsearch.com.au
W: http://www.lotsearch.com.au

Lotsearch produce environmental risk and planning reports that help clients identify risk to land and property.

Clients regularly use our services when conducting preliminary site investigations, environmental assessments and due diligence.

We collect and combine large volumes of spatial data, mapping and aerial imagery and present this information in accurate, easy to interpret, professional looking reports.

We have nationwide coverage. Our reports cost $750 and are delivered in 2-3 business days.

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