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Emerging Professionals Specialist Interest Group

ALGA’s Emerging Professional Specialist Interest Group comprises contaminated land and groundwater professionals, technicians and specialists, based across Australia and New Zealand, with less than 3 years of industry experience.

Members of the Emerging Professional SIG assist with organising targeted, industry specific events, and work closely with ALGA Branch and other SIG Committees.

The ALGA Emerging Professionals Special Interest Group was established to promote and encourage the engagement and inclusion of contaminated land and groundwater professionals with less than three years of industry experience.

The group aims to:

  • Promote emerging professionals’ engagement with the wider ALGA network through targeted events with other SIG committees and ALGA Branches.
  • Support development of emerging professionals by providing opportunities to increase both general and technical skills. 
  • Provide industry specific content targeted to those with limited industry experience.
  • Maintain diversity across Australasia and all industry sectors including laboratories, researchers, regulators, contractors, consultants and property owners.

Below is the list of the 2023 - 2025 Committee:

Aidan Burrage
Alexandra Lay
Jason Dighton
Jessica Green Co-Chair
Kirti Thakur
Nathan Weber
Tara Verhulst
Thomas Lancaster
Tom Needham
Maddy Phillips Chair

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