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CEO Welcome Address

It has been an amazing month of training and networking across ALGA, with 138 people attending the Advanced Ground Gas training course, 11 Branch events and three webinars delivered. Thank you for continuing to embrace the events being delivered by the team.

PFAS continues to be a topic of interest across the industry and is the theme of this edition of e-cronicle. ALGA is pleased to be partnering with ITRC and NICOLE, to host two significant PFAS events over the coming weeks in Australia and New Zealand. These events will provide valuable insights from across the globe in the current management of PFAS, but more importantly will map out where the industry needs to be in the next 5 years and what we need to do to get there. It is not too late to register.

Finally in my recent visit to New Zealand l had the privilege of personally thanking Graham Aveyard for his years of service in supporting ALGA, which included Chairing the Local Council Specialist Interest Group. After 8 years in New Zealand, Graham will be shortly returning to England. We thank Graham for his contribution to the contaminated land and groundwater industry.



*In the picture, volunteer Graham Aveyard (left) and ALGA CEO Matt Potter (right). 

PFAS environmental trends require us to look wider rather than closer.

Over the past decade, there has been a worldwide effort to understand the impact of man-made Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) emissions on the environment and human health. Despite the phase out some types of PFAS, the emergence of short chain and novel PFAS species as replacements has become of increasing concern, yet the environmental fate and transport of many of these species remains unclear...


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Next Gen Leader: Megan Ensor

I think one of the major challenges for the sector currently is engaging and retaining young professionals in the industry. With workplace dynamics changing dramatically since covid lockdowns, I’ve noticed a shift in priorities for many young professionals who are looking for a proactive work culture that offers diverse opportunities...


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An interview with Dr Richard Stewart, Founder and Managing Director of RemBind Pty Ltd

The technology was originally developed in 2010 in collaboration with the CSIRO for the immobilisation of gas works contaminants. Immobilisation involves binding up contaminants in soil using sorbents like RemBind to prevent leaching into groundwater where they can cause harm to human health and the environment....


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Welcome to our new Members

View our register of recently joined members in our Member Resource Centre.

Volunteer Spotlight with Karl Bowles

I first learned about ALGA when I joined a State Government department to do risk assessment and chemical prioritisation. ecoforum and branch events were a great help to me learning more about contaminated land and were great opportunities to socialise at the same time. The blend of consultants, labs, industry, regulators and researchers is a great formula for identifying important issues from diverse viewpoints and sharing ways to manage them...


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From the Volunteers

UXO Specialist Interest Group Update

Recently our UXO Specialist Interest Group (SIG) released the latest edition of their newsletter which covers:

  • SIG initiatives and Committee Members
  • Highlights of the SIG’s activities
  • How you can be involved with the SIG

Read the UXO Newsletter

Introducing our newest Specialist Interest Group (SIG)

ALGA has recently established a new SIG for professionals, technicians and specialists who are new to the industry, have recently changed careers or are a current postgraduate student, postdoctoral researcher, industry graduate or early career professional with less than 3 years of industry experience.


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You can view today's Whats On Newsletter online by clicking here
Inside this edition you'll find:

  • Darwin Regional Conference (3 weeks to go!). Further speakers have been announced including the Hon.Lauren Moss MLA, Northern Territory Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water Security.
  • Next Week's PFAS event series kicks off on Wednesday - Registerations will close soon.
  • ecoforum/SustRem 2023 Call for Abstracts close in 3 weeks.
  • Also don't miss next week's Branch Activities in Auckland, Wellington and Perth.

More Upcoming Events with ALGA

PFAS Events Series: 26 - 28 April (Register Now)

PFAS Training New Zealand: 2 and 4 May (Register Now)

Darwin Regional Conference: 11 - 12 May (Register Now)

Bioremediation Symposium: 7 June (Register Now)

Risk Assessment Symposium: 22 June (Register Now)

UXO Conference: 1-2 August (Save the date)

ecoforum/SustRem 10 - 13 October (Submit you Abstracts)

Emerging Contaminant Symposium: 14 November (Save the date)

See also our upcoming Webinar and Branch Events on our calendar.

Featured Event: Risk Assessment Symposium (Adelaide - 22 June 2023)

We asked Naomi Cooper, Co-Chair of our event committee to tell us about why our upcoming symposium is so important, this is what she told us:

"Risk is ever-present in mass and social media these days, often, amplified out of proportion. It seems that any level of risk can be deemed unacceptable and it is this “zero-risk” approach that can pose real challenges for remediation experts and associated stakeholders, such as government, planners and financiers. Remediation is a process whereby contaminated land and waterways are cleaned up or managed in such a way that real benefits to society can be delivered. So, for the remediation industry, managing and communicating risks associated with residual contamination is a critical part of the process, and it is essential that experts can explain how risk is calculated, assessed and managed in a responsible way. This is where risk assessment comes to the fore. It is a critical part of the remediation journey, and in ALGA’s 2023 Risk Assessment Symposium, key topics will be discussed in depth. These include due diligence around land transaction, new methodologies and approaches to risk assessment, risk communication, as well as data analytics, one of the emerging disciplines that allows us to obtain maximum benefit from big data and support excellence in risk characterisation. A panel session on decision making rounds off the day’s proceedings." Naomi Cooper.

Call for Abstract Opportunities

From the Industry

Australian Geomechanics Society
Geomechanics is the application of engineering and geological principles to the behaviour of the ground and ground water and the use of these principles in civil, mining, offshore and environmental engineering in the widest sense.

The Australian Geomechanics Society (AGS), founded in 1970, has roots that go back to 1953. It exists as a Technical Society of the Institution of Engineers Australia to provide activities, technical conferences, symposia, meetings and events designed to stimulate, educate and inform all those with an interest in the field. Such activities occur both nationally and through its many active chapters located around Australia...

Learn about the Australian Geomechanics Society and their membership options: Read More

Australian Hydrographers Association
The Conference Program for the upcoming Australian Hydrographers Association Conference is now available on the conference website. We have an abundance of speakers and presentations covering topics on flow monitoring, water data networks, groundwater, real-time water quality monitoring and ALERT2.

The first conference held in 4 years, this is a great opportunity for industry professionals to gather and interact with prominent leaders of the industry. The program is set to deliver a range of networking opportunities as well as some informative insights into the latest trends and movements.

ALGA & CEnvP Site Contamination Specialist Committee 
Each CEnvP specialisation has a Specialist Environmental Advisory Committee (SEAC) providing expertise and insight. SEACs develop and progress goals; amend standards; seek stakeholder awareness, and support promotion.

SC-SEAC members are from a wide group; the majority being CEnvP-SC practitioners (mostly ALGA members) plus regulator, academia, and industry bodies across ANZ. The SC-SEAC includes ALGA CEO, Matt Potter. 

ALGA and CEnvP Scheme align in many areas and support one another in seeking to improve the quality of outcomes across contaminated land. A large survey from ALGA members and CEnvPs identified most CEnvPs feel better recognised in industry and their company; certification is useful for gaining employment; and for being a CEnvP, most feel they are well respected. 

Start your certification application today. Submit and pay by 30 June 2023 to avoid the increase in application fees. For requirements and details, head to

ITRC is seeking Project Proposals on environmental topics for 2024 Project Teams. Due 31 May 2023, 5:00pm (EST)

All submissions must be sent electronically to ITRC Director Patty Reyes at no later than 5pm EST on 31 May.

We encourage submissions from all environmental and public health professionals. While all proposal topics will be considered, states have identified the following environmental priorities of interest: Climate Considerations, Renewable Energy (Permitting, Siting, Waste, etc.), Agriculture Impacts (Pesticides, Runoff, Nutrient Loading, etc.), Emerging Contaminants, Site Cleanup (Brownfields) Advancements, Circular Economy, Water Resource Considerations, Air Toxins & Monitoring and Nonpoint Source Pollution & Stormwater.

More information about the proposal process is available on the ITRC website. Please follow the instructions in the Selection Process and Criteria document and use the template to submit your proposal! For additional information take a look at the Proposal Process Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.
Proposal Selection Process 
Project Proposal Template 

Proposal Process FAQs 

Thank you to our Corporate Partners

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