Minnesota’s PFAS Megaplume(s)

Minnesota’s PFAS Megaplume(s)

Minnesota’s PFAS Megaplume(s): Lessons Learned From 15 Years Investigating and Addressing Legacy PFAS Waste Sites Webinar

Virginia Yingling is a senior hydrogeologist for the Minnesota Department of Health and will discuss the work she and others have done since 2003 to investigate four legacy PFAS waste disposal sites that have contaminated over 160 square miles of groundwater (that’s American for over 400 km2).  She will also discuss their efforts to remediate the PFAS source areas and address the contaminated drinking water of over 140,000 residents.  This session will help you to understand how the unique chemical and physical properties of PFAS affect their environmental fate and transport, which can result in widespread surface water and groundwater contamination and complicate their remediation.

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