ANSTO – Unique Capabilities for Environmental Testing and Research

ANSTO provides scientists from industry and academia unique landmark infrastructure that allows the study of novel materials and processes for water management on micron, nano and atomic length scales. At the other extreme, ANSTO provides the capability to study the interaction and motion of large bodies of water around the continent.

Between these extremes, the understanding required to manage water contamination and sustainability requires a multi-disciplinary approach and cutting-edge experimental techniques.  In this presentation, we will see some examples of how ANSTO infrastructure has helped give environmental scientists at ANSTO and around Australia new insights in the ongoing management and protection of our most precious national resource.




David Cookson
Commercial Technical Consultant




After completing a PhD at Monash University under an AINSE scholarship, David’s first job was in industry.  After three years working with Kodak Australasia, he moved back into basic research, working to further Australia’s national scientific interests first in Japan and then in the US.  In 2008 he returned to work in Australia’s brand-new  world-class synchrotron.

Over the decade David gravitated back to industry engagement.  As part of the Industry Stakeholder Engagement team at ANSTO, applying world-class research capabilities to real-world problems is his personal and professional mission.

Thursday, June 17, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm

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16 June 2021

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