Appendix 4

ALGA 2022: leading in the next decade - the How, What and When



The office location is currently in Robertson, New South Wales. This has been very successful, keeping costs low, and helping to retain a committed core group of staff. ALGA continues to grow, however, and some decentralization may occur in future if it becomes necessary in order to continue to attract the strongest candidates to paid ALGA positions. Should any future positions be taken in locations other than Robertson, staff may be located in serviced offices.

Noting that the Board comes from across Australasia, and in order to maintain a sense of connection between staff and Directors, all will meet together at least once a year. This will be coordinated with other ALGA business/events so as to reduce costs.

Management Structure

The proposed management structure of ALGA has been outlined, please refer to the diagram or click here. Positions indicated in green are proposed and will be additional to the existing structure. It can be seen that the management structure is expected to evolve, with the recruiting of additional professional staff to manage and support the key activities of the Association.

Review and Evaluation

The Strategy will be reviewed by the Board at a minimum of 6 monthly intervals (at the second Board meeting after elections, and prior to development of new Financial Year budget). Advice will be sought from the ALGA Brains Trust as to whether the Strategy as proposed may need to revised. Comment on the Strategy will also be sought from members and sponsors, particularly at the time of the Annual General Meeting.

The Strategy will also be monitored on a monthly basis by the Strategy and Risk subcommittee, and comments made, as appropriate, in the monthly S&R report to the Board. Metrics will be developed against which to measure how the strategy is tracking, and will highlight areas that may need attention and/or opportunities for ALGA to further develop its position as a peak industry body. These metrics will include the following:

  • Financial position (provided in monthly finance report to Board).
  • Number of members (monthly CEO report to Board).
  • Sponsorships (of ALGA and of specific events – CEO report).
  • Number of regular branch forums (provided in monthly Branch activity report to Board – CEO report on Branch activities).
  • Tracking of new initiatives such as training courses, workshops, regional or sector specific conferences.
  • Attendance at EcoForum and the NZ Contaminated Land Conference.
  • Attraction of specialist groups (SIGs, other organisations) to ALGA.
  • Approaches from government and industry bodies for technical advice/guidance on behalf of our industry.
  • Additional metrics will be developed as appropriate to reflect ALGA’s growth and activities.

The Strategy and associated metrics are already monitored monthly via various reports to the Board (finance, branch activities, CEO). The overall Strategy will also be monitored on an ongoing basis by the Strategy and Risk subcommittee, and comments made, as appropriate, in the monthly S&R report to the Board. The Board will review the Strategy documentation and its implementation at least every 6 months.

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