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NSW Branch Trivia night - “Go along!” they said..  “It’ll be great!” they said!

Trivia … just a bunch of matters or things that are very unimportant, inconsequential or nonessential.

And with that definition in hand, a sixty strong group of industry folk descended into Sydney’s cosy inner city basement venue known as Soultrap.

The throng of people broke up into teams, typically decided by the company on their name badge. But for those flying solo on behalf of their employer, the joining of forces with other loners and the formation of motley crews of knowledge happened just as quick.

The stage was set, with a rustic old brick wall forming the backdrop for the projection of puzzles and problems for the night.

The topics were far reaching … conundrums on contamination, interrogations around the Interest Groups of ALGA, as well as less technical solicitations for answers on modern and ancient history, prime ministers and presidents, pop culture and music. 

In true ALGA branch style, trivia contestants were treated to grazing boards of fine charcuterie, cheeses and gourmet toasted sangas that would have impressed even an overpaid MasterChef judge. And all that washed down with a local beer or fine wine (or a Fanta for those with car keys).

The questions came thick and fast from Tarsha, Karoline and Shardai, our trio of quizmasters for the evening, who did a stella job of keeping the room entertained. They even managed to lure a few of us in with the promise of bonus points, on the proviso we get up on stage to sing and dance along (badly) to the likes of ‘I Will Survive’ and ‘Down Under’. Apparently, there is video footage of this out there on the black market … and after succumbing to the bait of the bonus points offer myself, I’ve made it my life’s mission to track down all said footage and delete it from existence … I never signed the release waiver!

After six rounds of questions, the points were tallied, the winners announced, and the prizes handed out. Congratulations to the Cunning Stunts team on their well-deserved victory. Let’s hope their pre-game drinks with China's Sun Yang didn't have something to do with the team's performance!

For those branches interested in hosting their own Trivia Night, get in touch with the ALGA team – highly recommended!    

*For photos and (don't tell Craig) the aforementioned incriminating video of the night, click here

26 July 2019 NSW event report by Craig Cowper, Construction Sciences.
Didn't get to attend the event, but would love to organise your own branch Trivia Night? Contact Tarsha here or call the office on (02) 4885 1136.

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