Ecoforum PFAS Summit - Live Recording Available for Purchase

As part of the 2018 EcoForum Conference & Exhibition, a one day PFAS Summit was held pre-conference, on 2 October 2018.

The objective of the PFAS Summit was to bring all stakeholders together, to discuss key issues and concerns, success stories and progress made, as well as possible ways forward. Collaboration and communication between stakeholders was a key goal for the Summit. With a focus on engaging with stakeholders, rather than discussion of technical issues, the Summit had presenters from a wide range of industries and geographies, including:

  • Landowners managing large portfolios of sites impacted by PFAS.
  • Professional organisations, representing interests such as waste managers and water utilities.
  • Government agencies responsible for preparing guidance, advice, or regulations.
  • Researchers involved in health and community issues.
  • Organisations dealing with fire risk.
  • International representatives grappling with PFAS issues in the USA, UK and New Zealand.

In addition to a diverse range of presenters, the PFAS Summit allocated time in each session for panel discussions plus question and answer sessions, to facilitate open discussions and information exchange. By the end of the Summit, it was hoped that attendees not only learnt more about the current state of play for the management of PFAS in Australia, but also gained a better understanding of other stakeholder needs and interests. The Summit was open to all, and interested parties from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to attend and participate.


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