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The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association is proud to deliver this new Cronicle edition to our members as an exclusive member benefit.


This issue is themed "Transitioning to a low carbon future" and in this issue, we explore some of the potential changes this transition will have for the land and groundwater industry.


As always, Cronicle includes important regulatory updates, industry and member news. Some of the highlights of this edition include:

  • An exclusive, uplifting discussion with Dr Nick Coatsworth on Covid 19, how things have changed and tips for our mental health during challenging times
  • Technical insights from Dr Bob Symons on innovations to reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover
  • An interview and article by Dr Mike Joy on the green revolution in New Zealand and the impact of transitioning to net zero.
  • Special features on the ecoforum conference, ecovision and workshops and celebration of the winners of the Annual Industry Excellence Awards held in December
  • A write up on ALGA's first Australian Regulator Forum held in November last year and a video presentation discussing the results of the Local Government survey undertaken by ALGA
  • A Board Director feature with Michael Mechaelis
  • Key member reflections and our latest next-gen leader interview
  • a very special message from our CEO Annalisa Haskell who will be leaving us at ALGA in April.


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