CEnvP Scheme - COVID-19 Update and Changes

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CEnvP Scheme -
COVID-19 Update and Changes

COVID-19 is having a wide-reaching impact on people, communities, and businesses at global, national, state, and local levels. In addition to personal disruption, the Board and Program Office for the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme recognise the negative effects the pandemic is having on businesses and the economy, as well as the cancellation of face to face events and activities.
The following update is provided to Certified Environmental Practitioners (CEnvPs) and interested parties on two relevant CEnvP matters:

Annual certification fees
The maintenance of continued professional development (CPD) in accordance with the requirements of the CEnvP scheme terms and conditions

Annual Certification Fees
The CEnvP Board recognise the potential for financial hardship arising from COVID-19 related impacts to both businesses and individuals. With the slow down in economies and the limitations on travel and border restrictions we recognise environmental and social professionals may  be affected. 
The following update is provided on the matter of annual certification and re-certification fees:

It is confirmed 2020-2021 fees will be maintained at pre-2020 levels. 
In the case where practitioners may be experiencing financial pressures, the CEnvP Program Office will consider payment planning on a case by case basis. You are encouraged to speak with or email the Program Office team (contact details below), and all matters will be considered in the strictest confidence. 

Continued Professional Development (CPD)
The CEnvP Board and Program Office have recognised the widespread cancellation or postponement, due to COVID-19 restrictions, of many avenues for continued professional development; in the form of face-to-face events such as conferences, seminars, presentations and courses. The CEnvP Board and Program Office has carefully considered the risk of reduced access to CPD events arising from cancellation, the potential for negative financial impacts to practitioners and the impact these may have on the ability of CEnvPs  being able to maintain their minimum required CPD.  
In accordance with CEnvP Scheme requirements, certification is premised on commitment to and maintenance of CPD, with a minimum of 100 points of relevant CPD required to be logged within each 2-year period (calendar year basis) of certification.  This is to ensure the standard of knowledge and skills in environmental practice remains at, or above, certification expectations.
Pleasingly, many professional organisations and service providers are rapidly responding to COVID-19 restrictions and making changes to CPD delivery options.  Webinars and other online resources for CPD are increasingly becoming more available as alternatives to face-to-face CPD. The CEnvP Scheme commends the many organisations contributing to making these online learning, technical and professional development options available, and as we learn of those available is adding suggestions to our CPD Guidelines webpage.
The CEnvP Scheme recognises however, that some CEnvPs may not have other or enough options for CPD relevant to their certification or area of expertise, and/or may face negative financial impacts. 
Changes to CPD for 2020 calendar year
In response to COVID-19 related restrictions and negative impacts, the standard CEnvP 2-year CPD period will be extended to 3 years; that is 100 points over 3 years, for all CEnvPs. This is a 1-year extension on standard CPD requirements and is a short-term measure only.  It will apply to the current 2-year period only, i.e. 2019-20 and 2020-21.
When the CPD log for your current CPD period is due to be submitted, you will be emailed by the CEnvP Program Office that the CPD time period is extended for a subsequent year and the new date confirmed. That is, a total of 3 years is available to achieve 100 points of relevant CPD.  
At the completion of the 3-year period, your CPD log will be requested for submission, as per Standard CEnvP Scheme processes.

Furthermore, the CEnvP Board and Program Office will monitor matters through COVID-19 and into post-COVID-19. For example, we are keeping abreast of changes to CPD delivery options by professional organisations and service providers, and identifying ways we can support more flexible options into the future.  We will keep you posted.
For further information on CEnvP CPD please refer to the our CPD Guidelines webpage  and  the CEnvP homepage for updates. If you know of relevant CPD options available please feel free to share the weblink with the Program Office.
Should you have any queries about either these fees and/or CPD updates please contact the CEnvP Program Office on program-office@cenvp.org / AUS 03 9001 6948 / NZ 03 741 3102.

Kind Regards,
The CEnvP Board and Program Office.

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