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ALGA leads the industry by introducing Virtual Branch Events

In April ALGA's Branch Committees launched a series of Virtual Branch Events as an alternate solution to our face-to-face events.

The Virtual Branch Events were set up in order to continue to deliver industry knowledge sharing and training to its members in a safe manner.

At the moment, you can’t come to us, so let us come to you – wherever you may be! In the office, at the dining table, on the deck outside or on your daily bush walk – anytime, anywhere!

How do Virtual Branch Events Work?

1.     Register for the event via ALGA’s website or the emailed invitation

2.     The pre-recorded presentation will be released on Friday morning – you will be sent an email with the link

3.     Watch the presentation at a time convenient to you before the live Q&A session – remember to submit any questions or comments in the Questions Tab

4.     Log in to the live Q&A session at 2pm Tuesday – you will be sent an email reminder with the link

5.     During the Q&A session the presenter will address any pre-submitted questions, and as time permits, will ask the viewers for any additional questions. The Q&A session will run for a maximum of one hour

6.     That’s it! The Virtual Branch Event is complete!

7.     Missed out? Don’t worry, all presentations will continue to be available OnDemand after the completion of the Live Q&A.

The first Virtual Branch Event was hosted by the Christchurch Branch: Remembering Sharon and Rebecca – An Example of Best Practice in Community Engagement and Communication.

It was presented by Graham Aveyard, the Science Team Leader for Contaminated Land at Environment Canterbury.

The follow-up question and answer session was lead by Sarah Smith, principal scientist with Envira Consulting Limited in Invercargill. There were lots of questions from viewers, which Graham answered with ease. We’ve had great feedback and both viewers and ALGA are very appreciative of Graham sharing his insights.

Stay tuned to our website and weekly newsletter for upcoming Virtual Branch Events. We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement to future sessions.    

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