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ALGA’s e-learning webinar sessions aim to bring current and relevant industry knowledge to you whether you’re at work, home or onsite. These sessions allow you to interact and engage real-time with local and international experts who will help you apply the material to your local setting. Live webinars are held most weeks of the year and present topics that are current and engaging. 

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To access archived recordings and slides please contact elearning@landandgroundwater.com


2019 eLearning Webinars

The Draft Australian Contaminated Land National Remediation Framework: Important Features – What Should the Industry be Considering When Preparing Comment? - Peter Nadebaum, GHD and John Hunt, Ventia

Asbestos-Containing Dust: The Invisible Elephant in the Room - David Dangerfield, EHS Support

Remediation Hydraulics - Jo Quinnan and Scott Porter, Arcadis

Certifying Site Contamination Professionals - Jess John, CEnvP

Brominated Flame Retardants in the Environment - Dr Bradley Clarke, RMIT

Emerging Contaminants Handbook Review - Ian Ross, Arcadis

HSL for Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Soil and Groundwater: a Refresher - Eric Friebel, GHD

Sustainable Remediation - An Overview and Latest From Europe and South America - Olivier Maurer, Golder

Statistical Tools for Contaminated Site Characterisation - Peter Beck, GHD

ALGA R&D Grant - Karl Bowles, RPS Group

Following the Evidence: Using Environmental Forensics to Solve Environmental Challenges - Paul Harvey, Env Science Solutions

Stakeholder Engagement - Stephanie Luyks, WSP

National Code of Practice for Beneficial Re-Use of Acid Sulfate Soils - Laurie Fox, Fox Environmental Consulting

The Distribution of PFAS Compounds in the Marine Environment and Implication for Decision Making - Ken Kiefer, ERM

Lessons Learned From Large Investigation of PFAS - Sarah Richards, Coffey

Modern Slavery Act Part 1 - Daisy Mallett, King & Wood Mallesons and Carsten Primdal, Zoic Environmental

RAAF Base, East Sale - Katie Richardson, Senversa

Modern Slavery Act Part 2 - Carsten Primdal, Zoic Environmental

Microplastics and Human Health - Rosemary Waring, University of Birmingham, UK

The DIVER Project: Using Perfect Information to Evaluate Strategies for Conceptual Site Model Development and Remediation - David Reynolds, Geosyntec

Debunking the Myths About Sustainable Remediation - Jonathan Smith, Shell

Green Chemistry: The Missing Elements - John Warner, Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry, LLC

Interview with Frank Erenfeld - Tim Muller, Landpro and Frank Ehrenfeld, International Asbestos

First Use of Horizontal Wells - Pedro Balbachevsky, AECOM and Mike Mercuri, Matrix Drilling

UAS Compliance Verification - Matthew Henderson, SGS

The Innovative SPIN Injection Technology: Pushing the Boundaries of Injection Based Soil Remediation - Alex Engels, Injectis

Vapour Intrusion (VI) Mitigation - Paul Nicholson, Geosyntec

Victoria Unearthed - Jeremy Aarons, DELWP

Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary Wetland Rehabilitation Project - Jeremy Maher, City of Bayswater

Macdonald Town Gasworks Remediation Project - Catherine Fletcher and Adam Fletcher, Ventia

Analysis of Emerging Contaminants Using High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrmetry - Robert Symons, Eurofins Environment Testing

Ecological Risks of PFAS - Jason Condor and Emily Larson, Geosyntec

Unexpected Creosote Contamination: When a CSM Isn’t Enough - Lisa Bond and Rachel Forrest, WSP

Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Demolition and Remediation Project - David Wood, Liberty Industrial

Trans-Tasmanian Workship on PFAS Contamination and Remediation - Melanie Kah, University of Auckland

Advancing Site Characterisation by Assessing Multiple Contemporary & Historical Data Sources - John Lee, Lotsearch

Narrellan Remediation Project - Martin Kelly, Enviropacific

2018 eLearning Webinars

The Art of Good Conversation - Nick Cowman, Enviropacific

Developing Contaminated Land in the Urban Environment - Will Ellis, Potentia Environment and Todd Solomon, Maple Property Partners

Living With Lead - Dave Bull, Hail Environmental

Dangers Inside the Home - What We Do and Don't Know About Methamphetamine Contaminated Homes  - Jackie Wright, enRiskS

PFAS Soil Treatment Technologies – Emerging and Commercially Available - Charles Grimison, Ventia

Emerging Technologies for Remediation of PFASs: An Update on Water Technologies - Peter Storch, Arcadis

Refining Contaminant Exposure for Human Health Risk Assessment Using Bioavailability and Bioaccessibility Techniques - Albert Juhasz, Future Industries Institute | University of South Australia

Minnesota’s PFAS Megaplume(s) - Ginny Yingling, Minnesota Department of Health

Taking the Lead - Graham Aveyard, Environment Canterbury

Materials and Methods – Approaches for Remediation of PFAS and Hydrophobic Contaminants in Groundwater and Sediments - John Collins, AquaBlok

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