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Professional Development

The Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme, is an initiative of the EIANZ aimed at boosting community and business confidence in environmental professionals.

The CEnvP scheme recognises environmental professionals in line with their professional counterparts from engineering, accounting, planning and architecture, and provides a higher level of assurance to the community, employers, clients and professional associates.

The CEnvP scheme is Australasia's first accreditation scheme designed exclusively for environmental practitioners, and is growing on average at 25 per cent each year, with intakes every March and September.

Certification is open to experienced practitioners who have a minimum of five years relevant work experience and fulfil the set criteria.

Certified practitioners meet high standards of professional and ethical conduct. The scheme is now driving environmental practice to new levels, with CEnvPs being specified to carry out certain works on major tenders and projects, demonstrating that industry already recognises the importance of this post nominal.


CEnvP SC Specialist

Guidance Notes

10+ years environmental expeirence, 8+ years site contamination experience

Degree in engineering, science or environment related

Commitment to training and professional improvement

Evidence that the candidate is respected, competent, ethical and an active member of the profession

Standard CEnvP Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements apply. Once accepted for certification, applicants must keep a log of professional development undertaken. A points system has been devised to describe the CPD and the total of 100 points requirement. SC Specialist CPD requirements must be fulfilled through CL specific activities, with at least fifty percent consisting of activities that directly contribute to the field’s higher level processes, policy and strategy.

Certification is reviewed every two years. At this time the applicant will need to provide evidence of CPD and a statement verifying any changed circumstances including employment and ethical conduct. Specialist applicants must provide evidence supporting any claims of any recent CPD activity with the application. Fifty percent must be directly related to SC practice.

From 2018, as a member only benefit, ALGA is able to track all claimable CPD points related to involvement and attendance for all ALGA activiities. We are able to provide a statement for up to any 2 year period, from January 2018 onwards.


Soil Science Australia provides accreditation, for suitably qualified members of the Society, as Certified Professional Soil Scientists (CPSS). A Certified Professional Soil Scientist is an accredited professional who has achieved the Standards for Professionals in Soil Science. CPSS's are recognised by their professional body as professionals who continually expand their knowledge and skills throughout their career, by seeking professional development opportunities.

The objectives of the Society include:

  • further the expertise in soil science of members;
  • provide a forum for discussion on soil science; and
  • promote wise management of the soil resource throughout Australia.

Soil Science Australia also recognises CPSS accredited members in the Specialist Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CSAM) competency area and the Specialist in Australian Soil Survey competency area.

A CPSS CSAM Specialist is a professional soil scientist with specialist skills in the assessment and remediation of soil, groundwater and vapour. A specialist in site contamination with soil science knowledge provides specific, unique skills and insights into site contamination, especially in relation to sampling and the soil physical, chemical and biological processes of movement and likely special distribution of soil contaminants.

An Australian Soil Survey Specialist is a professional soil scientist with specialist skills such as being able to undertake the systematic examination, description and delineation of the distribution of soils and ability to evaluate soil and landscape characteristics for a range of potential land uses. The skills and competencies listed in the Australian Soil Survey competency are skills that can reasonably be expected of a professional soil surveyor in Australia.

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