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New Zealand Land & Groundwater Conference Program


Achieving closure on a contaminated site can be extremely challenging. Our understanding of the magnitude of the problem continues to grow – both the range of contaminants present, their potential for risk, and the complexity posed by their distribution in the subsurface.

To see a way through this and to realise practical solutions, requires us to draw on the global experience.


For this year only, ALGA has established a first ever event-duo, which joins together a new ‘New Zealand Land & Groundwater Conference’, and ‘EcoForum 2020’. 


These events will explore how our countries solve difficult contaminated site problems, and will present this along with approaches and solutionsthat are being applied internationally. 


ALGA believes Australasia should lead the world in the sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater.

This Event Duo eConference Package works towards this – identifying and sharing global knowledge and solutions to difficult contaminated site problems.

The conferences will provide insights into emerging issues, and how we should be positioning our industry and ourselves to best deal with these issues. 


Commencing 14th September 2020: New Zealand Land & Groundwater Conference 2020 - Single Day Event

This year NZ Land & Groundwater Conference will explore a wide array of topics such as:

Asbestos – Updates to BRANZ and Absestos Guidelines
Emerging Contaminants
Health/Environmental Risks
MfE – Regulatory Updates


Followed by 16th and 18th September 2020: Ecoforum 2020                 


Preliminary Program to be released 15 July 2020


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