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Finding a job is always difficult, not just for graduates, but for everyone. Click here to read our Student Handbook - the motivation behind this booklet is to give you some guidance on how to avoid common mistakes and to develop a successful strategy when it comes to job hunting as a graduate. It is a tough game but definitely not a mission impossible and ALGA is a very good start!

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Senior Operations Officer The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is the State‘s primary environmental regulator. We work to protect our community and the environment as a leader, partner and protector. Our vision is for New South Wales to have a healthy environment, healthy community and healthy business. We believe healthy ecosystems are the foundation for healthy communities, a healthy economy and for enhancing Iiveability. Full-Time Please read:
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$137,135 pa. Package includes salary ($112,181 pa - $123,712 pa), employer's contribution to superannuation and annual leave loading.

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Gaining work experience and/or trying to navigate a career path upon completing university can be daunting. To support students in the environmental science space, ALGA is happy to provide to its current Student Members and Unemployed Members a post board where prospective employers are able to view and contact directly. Please contact our office +61 2 4485 1136 or 1300 780 719 for details on how to get your information posted, alternatively email


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Capucine Prager

Concordia University, Montreal Canada

French/American Student

Melbourne based - up to July 2019

As a student majoring in Political Science and focusing my studies on environmental sustainability, I am eager to learn new ways to promote climate change initiatives, advocate for improved environmental management procedures, and ensure the health of populations. Through my university courses and activities, such as, among others, ‘Environmental Ethics’, ‘Globalization and Sustainability’, ‘Urbanization’, and related research and group involvement, I have developed a deeply felt commitment to sustainability, both on an personal level (veganism), as well as from a collective perspective.  For me, it has become imperative to increase my knowledge and participation, and, in turn, to help provide others with a more comprehensive understanding of environmental challenges, and what is required to address and overcome those challenges.

Upon the completion of my current university studies and, I hope, with the help of this internship, I look forward to finding a career path devoted to the pursuit, with other committed individuals and groups, of a new paradigm of environmental protection management.  Although I have not yet identified the precise parameters of such a career path, I am convinced that an internship opportunity with Australasian Land & Groundwater Association would help to guide me in the right direction.

At the same time, I am confident that I can utilize my skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to be helpful in the achievement of your projects.  I was raised bilingually and biculturally, in an international environment, and thus have had the chance to connect on a regular basis with diverse people and cultures. My upbringing has not only guided me on effective ways to convey ideas to a range of individuals and to achieve success within varied groups, but it has also stimulated a sensibility that allows me to relate easily to others at work and in an array of other social settings

Kate Cole    

I’m looking for a job with an environmental NFP, which is the only work I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. But I’ve been knocked back from about thirty job applications over the past year because I was lacking one key skill or another, and so I decided to do a mass mail-out of my credentials to see what would come back.

Even if you don’t have a role available (or because you're entirely staffed by volunteers), if you could point me in the right direction or put me in touch with someone who could hire me, I would be grateful. This really is the only work I’m interested in, and I want to spend every working day for the rest of my life caring for the environment.

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