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Missed out on EcoForum 2020 and New Zealand Land & Groundwater Conference 2020? It’s not too late to be part of this superb event. 


All sessions from the eConference week are now available to purchase. Download, engage and get the global perspective on the issues facing the land and groundwater industry.  

Each session package is $110 

Includes 4-6 pre-recorded presentations, 1 keynote presentation and a recording of the sessions LIVE Q&A with all the speakers and the keynote presenter. 

*this format does not apply to the following sessions:  ACLCA Young Professionals Abstract Presentations and Application of Sustainable Remediation to a PFAS Contaminated Site. 

PFAS Bundle 


Individual Sessions: 

Vapour and Gas: Sampling, Pathway Identification and the Success of Modelling 


Remediation - State of the Practice 


The Latest Dirt on Site Assessment 


From Decades to Minutes: Finding Remediation Closure in a Complex, Challenging and (Climate) Changed 


Assessing Environmental and Human Health Risk 


Remediating PFAS 


ACLCA Young Professionals Abstract Presentations – Note this one is half price as it has less content as there was no re-recorded content.  


Investigating PFAS 


New and Emerging Technologies for Site Characterisation 


Application of Sustainable Remediation to a PFAS Contaminated Site  


Remediation - Large & Complex Sites 


Contamination Regulation & Meeting Community Expectations: Getting the Balance Right 


Site Rehabilitation in New Zealand: Local Examples, Global Perspectives 


Asbestos in Soil: Regulations, Responsibilites, Reviews and Reflections 


Emerging Risk Issues in a Rapidly Changing World 

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