The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) is committed to delivering a training program that meets your organisations desired learning objectives.

Who is it For?

Current Regulations require anyone who may  come in contact with asbestos should be trained and hold a current Asbestos Awareness Certificate.

Our course has been developed for everyone, from the self-employed, small business to larger organisations.

It has been specifically designed for the Construction industry and maintenance contractors including all allied trades such as: Builders plumbers, electricians, roofers, scaffolders, all workers who could come into contact with Asbestos


To ensure that all workers, managers and employees have a basic understanding of Asbestos in the Workplace and the hazards and Risks involved with working with Asbestos

Added Value

Program notes and materials - Printed course materials are provided to all participants

Passport evidence is provided to show you meet the required standard.


ALGA requires between 1-2 weeks to develop and organise programmes, subject to availability of facilitators.

Participants details (name, position and contact information) should be advised approx. 5 days before the delivery of the date of the proposed program. Details will be shared with the facilitator/s to enable more effective planning of the course delivery.

Matters discussed and opinions expressed in a session are confidential and will not be disclosed outside the session by our facilitators.

Format of delivery

In-house (preferred) – your organisation to arrange and provide venue, AV requirements etc


Up to 4 hours (incl of breaks)


Sessions are limited to a maximum 15 participants per session to ensure quality learning and development outcomes. Multiple courses can be run – it is recommended they are on consecutive days to keep costs down.

Content Outline


The cost for the solution proposed is provided once we have all the information. The fee covers all elements as outlined above.

If multiple courses are not run on consecutive days this will incur additional charges to cover additional costs for flights and accommodation for the facilitator/s. These will be at cost + small administration fee.

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