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Major Corporate Supporters

ALGA’s corporate supporter model allows organisations to build relationships with the association and its members. By entering a direct commercial relationship with the Association, organisations committed to our goals can assist us in providing better support to both corporate and individual members.

If your company is keen on making valuable contributions within the contaminated land and groundwater sector, providing insights and knowledge, and being corporately positioned as a partner to build a stronger ALGA. Please contact



Ambrosia Marcoms is a corporate marketing and communications agency specialising in the environmental, waste and infrastructure services industries. Founded by ex-Enviropacific National Marketing and Communications Manager Ryan Foster in 2019, Ambrosia is an end-to-end project and services marketing company dedicated to elevating the profile of businesses within the industrial sector.

Partnering with organisations to enhance business growth, Ambrosia offers a broad range of industry-specific project marketing services which aligns naturally with the ongoing work of ALGA members. “We’re committed to understanding the intersection between high end creative, strategy and budget, witha strong commercial focus.” “Partnering with ALGA augments our Triple Bottom Line approach to building an organisation that not only supports the activity of the environmental sector, but is seen as a leader in sustainable marketing and business practice.” Said Mr Foster. Ambrosia manages a broad range of marketing and communications services, supporting growing companies of all sizes to leverage real commercial value from their broader strategic goals.

For more information on Ambrosia’s services, please visit


Inspire Learning Australia Pty Ltd is a specialist provider of Professional and Personal Development training programs, coaching and mentoring. Founded in July 2011 by Bill Carson who began his career with a Science degree in Metallurgy from Melbourne University. In the mid 90’s Bill transitioned his career into the corporate training industry and has specialised in Business Development Skills, Negotiation Skills and Leadership Skills.

Through Bill’s manufacturing career as a Metallurgist, Production Manager, and then developing many corporate Leaders, Managers and teams, Bill could see a very strong link between mental health safety and wellbeing, and the direct impacts on individual and company performance.


In 2016, Bill began training as a Lifeline Volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter and a Master Instructor of Mental Health First Aid and he has become a strong advocate and specialist of Mental Health Safety in the Workplace. To assist ALGA members to grow professionally to meet the increasing demands on our professional and personal lives, Bill brings to ALGA members over 20 years’ experience and expertise in business development, negotiations, sales, key account management, marketing, service culture, leadership development, facilitation and coaching across a wide range of industries from Manufacturing, Professional Services, Banking and Finance, Insurance, ITC, Healthcare and Retail.

Bill has provided Business Development and Consultative Solution Selling Skills, Advanced Negotiation Skills and Leadership skills training for Engineers Australia, Australian Institute of Management, Toshiba International, Bradken, BioAg, Panasonic. Further professional and personal development areas are -

1. Mental Health Safety in the Workplace

2. Mental Health Conversation Skills for Leaders & Managers

3. Mental Fitness & Resilience Skills for Team Performance, Sales Performance and Service Excellence 

4. Coaching for Wellbeing

For more information on Inspire Learning’s services, please visit



Cliftons is a one-stop provider for all things collaboration. Whether face-to-face in contemporary venues, virtually via seamless event platforms or a hybrid of the two, you’ll find everything you could possibly need to host exceptional events in one place. From the latest event technologies to incredible venue services and inspiring hospitality, Cliftons make seamless global event delivery effortless. As a strategic partner of ALGA, Cliftons provide consistent and professional event experiences across Australia and New Zealand. Our Branch meetings, educational and training conferences, virtual webinars and hybrid events can benefit from having more options and also having a dedicated support partner, allowing us and our volunteers to be freed up from previous administrative burdens.


 Cliftons’ expertise in creating engaging and seamless event environments provides ALGA with the technical infrastructure, room setup, and catering in a COVID-safe environment needed to deliver a consistent and efficient end-to-end event management process.


 As part of our partnership, Cliftons is proposing to provide a variety of valuable services in kind, and at heavily reduced rates, supporting ALGA and its members to focus on what matters most. In addition to some savings, ALGA will also benefit from a bespoke arrangement, enabling the association to deliver a more consistent service to all our members across many locations in Australia and New Zealand.


For more information on Cliftons services, please visit

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