CEnvP Site Contamination Scheme (CEnvP (SC))

The Boards of CRC Care, CEnvP and EIANZ have been working tirelessly over the last few months on the implementation of a single site contamination certification scheme. This has resulted in the creation of the new CEnvP Site Contamination (SC) scheme.

This will involve transitioning the 65 SCPA members and 73 CEnvP Contaminated Land Specialists across to the new SC scheme which will incorporate elements of both previous schemes, but will be hosted under the CEnvP brand.

The scheme is expected to be launched and completed by the start of next year. More information can be found on our website here.


Soil Science Australia - Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS)

Soil Science Australia provides accreditation for suitably qualified members of the Society as Certified Professional Soil Scientists. A Certified Professional Soil Scientist is an accredited professional who has achieved the Standards for Professionals in Soil Science. CPSS's are recognised by their professional body as professionals who continually expand their knowledge and skills throughout their career, by seeking professional development opportunities.

The objectives of the Society include:

·         further the expertise in soil science of members;

·         provide a forum for discussion on soil science;

·         promote wise management of the soil resource throughout Australia.

Soil Science Australia recognises CPSS accredited members in the Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CSAM) competency area. A Certified Professional Soil Scientist - Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CPSS CSAM) is a professional soil scientist with specialist skills in the assessment and remediation of soil, groundwater and vapour. A specialist in site contamination with soil science knowledge provides specific, unique skills and insights into site contamination, especially in relation to sampling and the soil physical, chemical and biological processes of movement and likely special distribution of soil contaminants.

More information on the website http://www.cpss.com.au/

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