Sydney Harbour is the place to be this October!


Join colleagues, clients, international luminaries and friends for the up-coming 2018 EcoForum Conference & Exhibtion. The conference will form around four formal streams (click on each stream icon below for a more detailed description):


  • Evaluation (investigation and risk assessment)
  • Remediation and Rehabilitation (clean-up and management of industrial, mining and other sites)
  • Communication and governance (stakeholder management, advocacy, collecting and disseminating information, ethics)
  • Extreme
  • Room for Change

The Extreme Stream needs further explanation.  At Ecoforum 2016 we got a glimpse as to what this can be with papers and sessions on Maralinga, Fukushima and aviation accidents.  For Ecoforum 2018, we aspire to expand this area further with papers on war zones and conflicts, major accidents and extreme climates.

The conference will include a fifth offering - a Room for Change stream focussed on enhanced communication and knowledge sharing.  It is our hope the less formal atmosphere will encourage open, frank and inspired conversations with a sprinkling of controversy and lead to real learning and perhaps even formalised instruments that will help the industry progress.

This is the final call for abstracts.  Whilst retaining the primary focus on all things land and groundwater, we encourage also contemplation of the fringes, the bigger picture issues, the less-spoken about when considering your abstracts.  If you have an idea for a paper but not sure if, or where it will fit, please contact one of the organising committee.


Presentation Formats

Oral presentation (20 mins + end of session panel discussion)
Poster presentation (elevator pitch - approx. 5 mins)

How to submit an abstract
Abstracts should be on topic, based on the conference themes, demonstrate the value of the material to the audience and submitted no later than Friday 20th April 2018.
Given that a large number of abstracts will be received for review, each should be well-written, and clearly and concisely outline the material proposed for presentation.
Abstracts with a pronounced commercial or marketing tone will not be accepted.
Abstracts that have been presented at other conferences may also not be accepted.
Detailed guidelines and an abstract template are available - click here

Submission deadline: EXTENDED TILL FRIDAY 20TH APRIL 2018


If you are having issues submitting your abstract online, don't give up! Please contact Shardai at immediately with your issue so that this can be corrected. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


What do I need to pay if I am accepted?

Every presenter (oral and / or poster) is required to register as a paying delegate and attend the conference. If you’re presenting, you are eligible for discounted registration fees. Presenters are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. Presenters who do not register will be replaced. You do not need to be a member of ALGA to present, but members receive larger discounts on registration fees and receive other membership benefits.

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