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ALGA established this group to meet the challenges of Australasia’s rapidly changing regulatory landscape on the management of asbestos. It's aim is to provide a stand-alone forum for a range of professions to work collectively on consistent guidelines for regulation. It is also hoping to provide opportunities for practitioners to network, as well as a mechanism for collective industry advocacy focused asbestos related regulation.

The group's aims and objectives are to provide an informed industry group representing a range of stakeholders (consultants, laboratories, lawyers, contractors, regulators, property owners, developers and the community), with the group’s activities aiming to:

  • Promote a better understanding of current guidelines and regulations and the science and policy behind these
  • Promote consistent application of current guidelines and regulations
  • Identify problematic areas of the above and encourage these to be actively addressed in consultation with relevant decision-makers (eg. HACA)
  • Lead to a practical and defensible approach to viably assessing and managing problem sites which has community and regulatory acceptance.

In late 2017 to further pursue the ALGA mission of Australasia to lead the world in the sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater, the previously known NZ Asbestos Advisory Group and Interest Group Neutralising the Legacy of Asbsestos in Soil was merged into just one interest group addressing Asbestos. This year the committee of volunteers listed below divided into 4 working groups to address the following topics: Australian Regulatory, New Zealand (NZ) Regulatory, Built Environment and Contaminated Sites.


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Asbestos-in-Soil Draft Position Paper  – consultation closes Friday 26 October 2018. Please email your comments to using this form.


Current Steering Committee Members (renewed each calendar year):


Chair: Matthew Deaves, WA State Manager – Eurofins | mgt

Matt has considerable experience as an Occupational and Environmental Consultant, in the UK and Australia, in the fields of Hazardous Materials Management, Risk Assessment and Contaminated Land, including start-up and operation of NATA Accredited Laboratories. Matt is very familiar with large commercial laboratories, particularly in the Environmental sector, and an extensive range of classical, contemporary and emerging contaminant assessments.

Kim Allen, CEO – Overleaf Environmental Consultants

Kim has more than 30 years’ experience in senior managerial roles. With qualifications from Loughborough University in the UK (marketing, business studies) (NVQA level 4), Kim initially worked in the oil Industry, and then in corporate business. Subsequently, he was Sales and Marketing Director in a large corporation (22 years) and has been Managing Director for several SMEs across New Zealand and Australia. Kim worked on some of the largest oil terminals and engineering projects in Europe including the installation of one of the world first oil desalters, in Flotta Orkney oil refinery in Europe.

James Bacon – Orangrove Consulting

James has twelve years of experience in the environmental industry as a senior environmental scientist, occupational hygienist, industrial chemist and property risk consultant, James has specialised his technical skill set around: project management of friable and non-friable asbestos-contaminated soil removal works and clearance inspections; being responsible for the scope and assessment of asbestos risk, report production, method statements and technical specifications; testing for per-and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) within the existing framework of the assessment criteria adopted in Australia; waste disposal classification and remediation programs predominately in Vic, NSW, Qld and Tas; supervision of underground fuel tank removal and validation programs; and independent technical review, peer to peer, of complex contaminated land issues.

Louise Cartwright – Lendlease Engineering

Louise is a Principal Soil Scientist with LendLease in Brisbane and sits on the ALGA Brisbane Branch Committee.

Nick Cowman – Enviropacific Services

Nick is a contaminated lands professional with over 10 years of industry experience. Nick takes personal pride in bettering the industry practice for clients, the environment and project stakeholders. In his current role with Enviropacific as National Business Development Manager Nick is responsible for company strategy and ensuring Enviropacific’s solutions are tailored to client needs and market conditions. Nick retains a strong technical interest and legislative understanding, which ensures Enviropacific deliver compliant best practice service. As a friable asbestos removal supervisor himself, Nick has gained experience from his 8 years of project delivery. Nick is an active member of the Australian Land & Groundwater and has been a part of the Sydney Branch Committee until 2018.

Craig Cowper – Alliance Geotechnical

Craig has over 22 years of experience in contaminated land, environmental, project and risk management. Craig’s project experience has primarily focused on brownfield redevelopment, incorporating preliminary, detailed and due diligence site investigation, remediation works (including in-situ, ex-situ, onsite containment and source removal technologies) and environmental management. He has worked on projects in both the private and public sector clients on a range of industrial, commercial and residential sites in NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, NT and Tas. Craig is responsible for technical direction and management of contaminated land projects, bringing a strong focus on risk, quality and safety to his projects.

David Dangerfield, ehs support

David is a contaminated land and property risk practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience. He has worked across a number of jurisdictions in Australia and New Zealand and holds a special interest in the development of solutions to the vexing issue of asbestos in soils. Due to continuing developments internationally, he is keen to share and contribute to a scientifically defensible approach. David has assisted in the development of policy and guidance for Department of Defence in Australia, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (NZ), Work Safe NZ and other agencies and regulators to promote sustainable outcomes and to reduce the overall cost burden of this issue whilst protecting human health.

Helen Davies - WSP | Opus

Helen is a Principal Contaminated Land Consultant at Opus in Christchurch. She has worked in New Zealand on chemical contaminants in drinking water and in groundwater/soil since 1996.Helen is a Certified Environmental Practitioner in the Contaminated Land Specialist Category.

Dr Alex Farhoodi – Hazvic

Dr Alex Farhoodi has over 20 years of experience in environmental and contaminated land areas. Prior to 2001 his professional pursuits involved research at University and government department, followed by consulting work. He is a specialist in the field of contaminated soil and groundwater assessment and monitoring and reporting associated with various environmental conditions. Alex, prior to opening his consultancy generally, was responsible for provision of specialist technical and project management input to major environmental projects, technical support for project managers and team leaders, internal training and development of work procedures at three established environmental consulting firm in Melbourne. His current interest mostly involves contaminated land assessment, remediation and cleanup. Alex is currently a certified environmental practitioner (contaminated land specialist), holds Class A asbestos removalist, is a member of ALGA (Australasian Land & Groundwater Association), Adelaide University Alumni (AUA) and EIANZ (Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand) and is an ex committee member of Australian Contaminated Land Consultants (ACLCA).

Ian Gregson – GHD

Ian is an accredited site auditor with over 30 years environmental and engineering experience.  Ian started working on contaminated sites with Dames & Moore in 1989, and apart from a few years of stormwater and sewer design in Canada, has continued in this field ever since.  Ian has been based in Newcastle for 17 years, and while emphasising that he is by no means an “expert” on asbestos in soils, he has been “exposed” to the issue many times professionally; and as an owner of a series of older homes, probably more times than he is aware of. Ian has been involved in a wide range of site contamination assessments, audits, remediation works and management plans, and has a strong interest in resolving the perceived vs actual risks of asbestos in soils, as well as the current inconsistencies between legislative requirements (including waste and workplace regulations) and health risk-based guidelines.

Simon Hunt – ehs support

Simon has over 28 years of contaminated land management experience gained within the industry, and consulting, principally working in the UK, NZ, Australia and South-East Asia. He has extensive hands-on experience dealing with site contamination issues, remediation, demolition and site redevelopment. His relationship with asbestos began in the early 1990s excavating/redeveloping former James Hardie asbestos dumps in Auckland. He has been intimately involved in NZ contaminated site policy (including the National Environmental Standard: Contaminated Sites) and guideline development since the mid-1990s and continues to assist various government agencies with this work. Simon was also intimately involved in working with EIANZ to deliver an accreditation system for NZ contaminated land practitioners, and routinely assists EIANZ with their CEnvP accreditation process.

Samuel Jackson – Thuroona Services

Samuel is an experienced Projects Director and Senior Hazardous Materials Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry. Extensive experience in contaminated site remediation and risk assessments, Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) project management, HAZMAT emergency response and community consultation. Samuel is a certified Radiation Safety Officer in both WA and QLD. Samuel holds a Bachelor of Policing, Advanced Diploma in Work Health Safety, Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment along with many other qualifications relating to Hazardous Materials with a focus on Asbestos, Lead, Clandestine Laboratories and Chemical Decontamination. Samuel is also the Thuroona Services nominated Class A (unrestricted) asbestos, Controlled Waste, Dangerous Goods and Explosives licence holder throughout Australia. Samuel has a strong interest in naturally occurring asbestos and has project managed / supervised several related remediation projects across Australia. 

Colin Jowett – Golder Associates

BSc in Environmental Analytical Chemistry, MSc in Marine Resource Protection and Management, Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and Technician Member of the New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society with a specialism in Asbestos (TNZOHS (ASbestos). British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) ISO accredited qualifications related to building surveying (P402), polarising light microscopy (PLM) analysis of asbestos materials (P401), the management of asbestos in buildings (P405), and the practical and theoretical sections of the Asbestos Analysts Certified Competent Person accreditation (S301).  Senior consultant providing project management and professional guidance to risk averse NZ and global clients. 9+ years asbestos surveying, management, and remedial experience for a variety of consultancies and clients, across wide ranging sites including public housing stock, multi-storey commercial buildings, industrial sites, and military barracks. 4 years managing a specialist hazardous solid and liquid waste disposal division in Auckland and in Christchurch. 5 + years of Project management of a range of contaminated land projects including single property urban subdivisions, commercial development, multi-storey residential / commercial mixed-use apartment block developments, light industrial subdivision and development, and rural lifestyle block subdivisions and developments in excess of 150+ residential lots.

Chris Kennedy – WSP

Chris Kennedy is a contaminated land practitioner with over 13 years’ experience working on asbestos impacted sites such as former landfills, industrial premises and military facilities. Chris recently assisted in the clean-up of numerous sites impacted with asbestos as a result of bushfires. This involved the development of a consistent, adequately protective and practical approach addressing this unique form of contamination where both actual and perceived risks were not easily addressed by conventional approaches.

Lotta Liddell – Babbage Consultants NZ

MEng CEng (UK) CEnv (UK) MICE

Lotta is a Senior Environmental Engineer at Babbage Consultants in Auckland. She has over 20 years’ experience, in NZ and overseas and specialises in contaminated land work. Lotta has extensive practical experience in project management and all stages of contaminated land investigation, assessment, management and remediation, on a wide range of sites including former gas works sites, collieries, asbestos contaminated sites, petrol stations, timber treatment and horticultural sites. Lotta holds an IP402 certificate and is increasingly working on sites with asbestos contamination, both in soils and buildings.

Dru Marsh - EPA Victoria

Dru is a Senior Legal Policy Officer in the Policy and Regulation Unit at the Victorian Environment Protection Authority. He is a practicing solicitor and has previously worked at a number of Australian commercial law firms specialising in safety and environment law. Dru has advised private-sector, government and not-for-profit clients on an extensive range of asbestos-related issues, including as defence counsel in asbestos-related prosecution and enforcement actions and addressing asbestos contamination issues in the context of corporate and property transactions. Dru was previously employed as a safety and environment consultant during which time he undertook asbestos surveys, clearance work and risk assessments. Dru has published on the topic of asbestos management in a range of safety and legal journals and has presented regularly on compliance with asbestos laws around Australia, including at ALGA events in Australia and New Zealand. More recently Dru has advised a state safety regulator on its asbestos regulations and has contributed to the New Zealand Guidelines for Assessing and Managing Asbestos in Soil through his association with ALGA. Dru holds a PhD in environmental science and analysed state dangerous goods laws as part of his law honours thesis.

Mike Mechaelis, ehs support

Mike began working in the environmental industry in 1986 in Seattle, Washington, heavily focused on emergency response, spill management and industrial cleaning. He gained a Project Management certificate from the University of Washington. Mike then became a senior manager ENSR/AECOM for Washington Oregon and California USA oil and gas work. He developed a successful small business providing in situ remedial pilot testing for consulting companies. Mike provided risk-based solutions to Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority following the Christchurch earthquakes for contaminated sites including application of the Western Australian Guidelines for asbestos in soil related work. Mike initially developed AECOM New Zealand’s Occupational Health/Hygiene team, which focuses on asbestos related projects. He was also influential in having Hill Laboratories provide independent asbestos analyses. Mike now works for EHS Support and was one of the founding members of the ALGA Asbestos Interest Group.

Pierina Otness, Senior Scientific Officer – Department of Health Western Australia

Pierina has nearly 20 years professional experience and she has worked as an occupational hygienist in the mining and health industries and lectured in occupational hygiene at the Curtin University of Technology. Pierina's qualifications include a Bachelor of Science Environmental Health (Occupational health and safety), Postgraduate Diploma in Health Science, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, and Certificate IV Surface Ventilation Officer.  Pierina is a member of ALGA, CASANZ and is a full professional member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene (MAIOH). Pierina drafted the enHealth Management of Asbestos in the non-occupational environment which was published in 2005.

Paul Nathanail: Invited Participant - Nottingham Uni (UK)

Paul Nathanail is a Chartered Geologist and Specialist in land condition. He led the team that wrote CIRIA C733 - the UK's first technical guidance on asbestos in soil for 24 years. He is currently working with CIRIA to develop an APP to help ground workers respond appropriately to potentially asbestos-containing materials encountered on site. He delivers short courses on the investigation, risk assessment and remediation of ASBINS.

Simon Paykel – Maynard Marks

Director Maynard Marks, Licensed asbestos assessor (BOHS P402, IP404, P405). Registered Building Surveyor specialising in professional services. I'm passionate about asbestos education and awareness previously presenting to NZIBS, RICS and Senior Council Officer conferences and corporate presentations. I'm responsible for 14 qualified Asbestos Assessors at MM of which 7 are licenced via Worksafe.

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