Appendix 1

In what capacities might ALGA support the Australasian contaminated land and groundwater industry?


  1. Advocacy to encourage the adoption of approaches that align with ALGA's Vision and Mission (but not lobbying directed to further particular commercial interests).
  2. Advisory (providing information and guidance, and building capability within Australia and New Zealand to support ALGA's strategic vision)
  3. Supporting accreditation to improve the technical capability and standing of industry practitioners
  4. Undertaking training and education and supporting the provision of training and education by others, that will improve the technical capability and to expand the skilled resource base
  5. Encouraging local, national and international networking
  6. Providing awards that promote innovation, excellence and change that accords with ALGA’s strategic vision
  7. Providing an information hub on the skills, capability and activities of ALGA’s members and sponsors, particularly where this will encourage uptake of advanced methods and approaches to the management and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination.
  8. Encouraging and supporting philanthropic activities by ALGA’s members and sponsors.
  9. Identifying, encouraging, supporting and collaborating on research, development and demonstration of innovative methods and technologies that will support ALGA’s strategic vision.
  10. Supporting employment of land and groundwater professionals

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