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Erosion & Sediment Control – a consideration of factors affecting best practice. - Write Up.

Tags: erosion, sediment, control, best practice

Presenters: Kelly Lee, SESL - Andrew MacLeod, IECA (International Erosion Control Association)

Location: Canberra Branch - Maddocks

Most development projects involves consideration of erosion and sediment control to ensure protection of the environment. Good erosion and sediment control also provides a community perception that best practice is being performed and the environment is being adequately protected during the project and beyond.  

This forum will explored the various facets of erosion and sediment control and include discussion on:

  • Environmental best practice environmental – minimising impacts including uncontrolled releases to the surrounding environment;
  • Social best practice  – meeting societal perceptions and expectations; and
  • Financial vs Technical best practice – achieving value for money.

The speakers discussed their experience regarding the above aspects of erosion and sediment control good, better and best practice with regard to relevant local and national case studies.

Note that only the write up for this event is available.

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