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ALGA 2016 Student Night - The changing face of the ‘environmental sector’

Tags: ALGA, 2016, environmental sector, student night

Presenters: Danielle Thompson, Allens Linklaters - Chek Cher, Department of Environment and Regulation - Hannah Sumner, Department of Environment and Regulation - Curtney van der Meer, WorleyParsons - Advisian - Peter Zafiropoulos, GHD

Location: Perth Branch - Norton Rose Fulbright

Write Up - 29th August 2016 – by Peter Zafiropoulos, GHD


What were the common points:

It was obvious that each presenter had followed their own interests/passion to reach their current career position, yet there were some common themes seemed to stand out fairly clearly:

Building strong networks (through industry events companies and/or societies) early on in their student career, before the onset (and demands) of the employment cycle seemed a very important point, in addition to having resilience when applying for jobs. Chek (DER) made a valid point to apply for as many jobs as possible to get a foot in the door.

Communication isn’t a clear subject during a science or engineering degree, however a common theme from the student night was that students need to learn and develop their communication skills. It was clear that from each speaker that communication was an important tool used on a daily basis by all presenters and is something that always needs development.

What was the "light bulb" or most radical/innovative point:

The soundest advice from the evening, which came from a number of speakers was to build your knowledge base and understanding of the Regulations and recent science/thinking which governs your prospective career path. Having this grass-roots information will not only assist students during the interview screening process, but to also assist them in establishing if in fact the field/career path is for them.

What was unresolved:

Unfortunately, at these forums time is finite, however it was great to see the presenters talking to as many students as possible after the session before closure.

Hopefully the students never forget the key message from the evening, which was to take the initiative, build networks, go out and contact as many people in industry as possible to assist them with their prospective employment.


Click here to download a PDF format of the Write-Up.

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