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Vapour & Gas Interest Group

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ALGA has established this interest group to provide structure and support for members that are interested in improving their knowledge across the elements of managing vapour intrusion and ground gas sites. These have been a growing area of concern for the management of landfills as well as contaminated land and groundwater because of the significant exposure pathway and hazards that vapours and inground gases can create. There have been some high-profile sites within Australia that have involved developers, property investors, local governments, regulators, emergency response personnel, and residents that have highlighted the need for better understanding and long-term management of such sites. Such site examples and concerns that the contaminated land industry is not yet consistently aligned to “best practice” has led to a lack in confidence in the data and management strategies being reviewed by site Auditors (in Australia), Suitable Qualified and Experienced Practitioners (in NZ) and Regulators.

This interest group will assist in sharing information on industry best practice methods and available technology and cover the range of areas, including:

  • Investigation design
  • Sampling methods and technologies
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Conceptual site models
  • Risk Assessment
  • Management/Remediation options
  • Passive and active barrier technologies, design, installation, verification and validation

The group aims to building knowledge across the many stakeholders involved in site management (e.g. property owners, consultants, contractors, regulators, laboratories, equipment suppliers, lawyers, and environmental auditors) to bring improved management of VI and ground gas impacted sites, increase the viability of developing some sites, minimise risks to human health, and reduce the overall cost burden associated with managing vapour intrusion impacted sites in a sustainable way.

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