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Vapour & Gas Interest Group

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ALGA has established this interest group to provide structure and support for members that are interested in improving their knowledge across the elements of managing vapour intrusion and ground gas sites. These have been a growing area of concern for the management of landfills as well as contaminated land and groundwater because of the significant exposure pathway and hazards that vapours and inground gases can create. There have been some high-profile sites within Australia that have involved developers, property investors, local governments, regulators, emergency response personnel, and residents that have highlighted the need for better understanding and long-term management of such sites. Such site examples and concerns that the contaminated land industry is not yet consistently aligned to “best practice” has led to a lack in confidence in the data and management strategies being reviewed by site Auditors (in Australia), Suitable Qualified and Experienced Practitioners (in NZ) and Regulators.

This interest group will assist in sharing information on industry best practice methods and available technology and cover the range of areas, including:

  • Investigation design
  • Sampling methods and technologies
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Conceptual site models
  • Risk Assessment
  • Management/Remediation options
  • Passive and active barrier technologies, design, installation, verification and validation

The group aims to building knowledge across the many stakeholders involved in site management (e.g. property owners, consultants, contractors, regulators, laboratories, equipment suppliers, lawyers, and environmental auditors) to bring improved management of VI and ground gas impacted sites, increase the viability of developing some sites, minimise risks to human health, and reduce the overall cost burden associated with managing vapour intrusion impacted sites in a sustainable way.


2019 Committee Members (renewed each calendar year):


Chair: Dr Jackie Wright, Principal – Environmental Risk Sciences

Dr Jackie Wright has completed PhD research work through Flinders University, is the director of Environmental Risk Sciences and is a Fellow of ACTRA. She has over 25 years of experience in human health and environmental toxicology and risk assessment. She has been directly involved in the development of national guidelines for a wide range of issues.


Chris Bailey – Tonkin + Taylor

Chris is a contaminated land consultant with over 25 years’ experience specialising in assessment and remediation of contaminated sites. His work has focussed on site investigation design, engineering and consenting support, hydrogeological data review and conceptualisation, unsaturated and saturated zone contaminant fate and transport modelling. He is Technical Director and Team Leader for T+T’s contaminated land team in Auckland.  Chris is currently the contaminated land lead for the Americas Cup bases project in Auckland. 


Dr Dawit N Bekele (Ph.D., CEng) – University of Newcastle | Global Centre for Environmental Remediation (GCER)

Dawit is Senior Research Fellow and Principal Environmental Scientist at Global Centre for Environmental Remediation (GCER) at the University of Newcastle conducting and directing environmental project and research in the assessment, remediation and management of contaminated sites.  He has over 15 years’ experience in the environmental field. Dawit has consulted on various contaminated land investigation and remediation projects and has delivered pragmatic, sustainable and cost-effective solutions. His current research focuses on adding new dimensions in vapour intrusion risk assessment and mitigation at volatile hydrocarbon impacted grounds. Currently, he is lead soil and groundwater remediation at GCER developing innovative technology for managing contaminated sites.


Meredith Burgon, Principal Scientist – Maple Auditing

Meredith has gained significant experience over the past 20 years in a wide range of areas working in Canada, the Middle East and Australia including: contaminated site assessment and management, soil, groundwater and vapour sampling design and methodology, assessment of impacts to groundwater from contaminated sites, environmental auditing, assessment of contaminant exposure pathways and risk, contaminated land due diligence advice focussing on property divestment and acquisition strategies. Meredith has undertaken a broad scale of works as the field scientist, project manager and project director on over 200 contaminated site assessments and has been responsible for the design, implementation and project management of site assessments in support of environmental audits (both 53X and 53V audits).


Matt Collyer, Associate Technical Director, ARCADIS

Matt is an experienced geologist/environmental scientist with over 16 years’ experience working in Australia, UK, Europe and Asia. As Director - Environment at Meinhardt Infrastructure & Environment he is responsible for technical direction, business development and project management across a wide portfolio of projects as well as project management, design and implementation of site investigations, site remediation/mitigation, waste management and landfill gas (LFG)/soil vapour assessment, working both in project and client management roles. Matt has a specific technical focus in the area of soil vapour assessment (both passive and active), conducting large scale assessments and presenting at international conferences on this subject.


Dane Egelton, CSI Australia

Dane Egelton has been working on contaminated land investigations for over 10 years. He has a personal interest in the area of vapour intrusion, landfill gas and fugitive CSG emission investigations.  He is based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and works all around Australia as a specialist in vapour intrusion sampling and analysis methods.


Brendan Grant – Kleinfelder Australia Pty Ltd

Brendan is the National Manager of Contaminated Land Management at Kleinfelder, having over 21 years of industry experience across a diverse portfolio of contaminated sites in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He gained an early interest in hazardous ground gas in the UK during early 2000 by working on numerous investigation and remediation projects for landfill/urban fill sites and land impacted from abandoned coal workings. He has practiced in Australia since 2011, gaining additional skills in the assessment of sites impacted by petroleum and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Brendan has been a member of this interest group since 2018 and sits on the ALGA Newcastle Branch Committee. He also presents at ALGA events on the often-neglected topic of bulk ground gas, principally the investigation and assessment of methane and carbon dioxide.


Adrian Heggie, Technical Executive Contaminated Land Group – WSP Australia Pty Limited

Adrian has managed numerous large soil vapour measurement and risk assessment projects and has a particular interest in sampling and analytical sciences.  He was the drafting author of an Australian Standard for the measurement of fine particles by nephelometry [AS 2724.4 - 1987] and has developed new methods for measurement of soil vapours and soil vapour fluxes, including the newly published passive diffusive flux chamber method.  More recently he has introduced an alternative active soil vapour measurement method based on direct measurements of headspace in VOC vials.  In addition to Adrian’s consulting career in Australia, he has undertaken air quality investigations in Saudi Arabia and has introduced vapour flux measurement techniques in China.


James Lucas, Managing Director – The Environmental Protection Group

James has over 8 years’ experience in the assessment and management of contaminated land. He has worked as an environmental consultant in Australia the United Kingdom on a range of complex contaminated and landfilled sites. Currently, James works in the soil vapour and ground gas risk assessment and mitigation design space in Australia and the United Kingdom. James has completed several mitigation system designs involving passive and active systems, vertical interception barriers, as well as in saturated (basements) and unsaturated conditions. Other regular duties involve the completion of Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and mitigation verification. James is a Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) and Chartered Professional Environmental Engineer (CPEng), being registered in both Victoria (NER) and Queensland (RPEQ). He is based in Melbourne.


Aidan Marsh, Principal – JBSG

Aidan is a landfill site assessment and remediation specialist with over 22 years' experience in consultancy and industry in Australia, UK, Europe, Asia and the United States.  Aidan has a background in operational environmental management of landfill. Since 2009 he has specialised in assessment and development of land impacted by soil gas around open and closed landfill sites.


Stuart Thurlow – Australian Environmental Auditors


Any enquiries can be directed to ALGA via igs@landandgroundwater.com

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