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Methamphetamine & Other Illicit Substances Interest Group

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The ALGA Methamphetamine & Other Illicit Drugs interest group has been established to provide a platform for interested and related professionals to progress and highlight the issue of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs and the wide range of implications whichthese drugs have on human health and the environment.

Some of the key focuses of the group are to:

  • Advocate for regulatory reform related to the assessment and management of illicit drugs and their impacts on human health and the built environment;

  • Develop existing and new professional networks to build knowledge and capacity within industry for the appropriate and risk-based assessment of sites impacted by illicit drug related activity.

  • Build knowledge and capacity within industry to support the appropriate decontamination and remediation of sites impacted by illicit drug related activity.

  • Advocate for, and support appropriate academic research into the impacts of illicit drug on human health and the built environment, to scientific and professional knowledge and understanding of illicit drug contamination risks.

  • Provide as a reference point for up-to-date scientific knowledge and information on illicit drug impacts and human health risk in the built environment to inform opinion and reporting within the media.

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