WEBINAR - There’s a Bear in There? The Asbestos Conundrum for Contaminated Land Consultants

WEBINAR - There’s a Bear in There? The Asbestos Conundrum for Contaminated Land Consultants

The NSW EPA are currently reviewing the structure of some resource recovery exemptions and orders. This is an opportunity for consultants to discuss the conundrum of providing scientific certainty under the current framework prior to the EPA ending the submission period for the recovered soil exemption  

Highlighting the differences between legislation used as guidance for determination asbestos exposure risk.

Discuss the limitation of some existing general RRE/RRO’s in terms of input sources and end use.

Highlight the opportunities that could be recognised by the EPA for the benefit the recycling industry and the environment.

Discussion of the limitations faced by consultants undertaking the assessment of asbestos in soils.

Discuss the techniques and decision-making process where insufficient guidance is available where or there may be ambiguity.

Discussing the confidence interval required by legislation in relation to the statistical methods required for assessment vs the population type being assessed.

It is hoped that the presentation will provide a forum for consultants to voice their concerns relating to demonstrating compliance with particular aspects of legislation, in particular the POEO Act, 1997 definition of asbestos waste.  Ultimately the objective would be to provide scientifically justifiable advice to the assist development of policy that satisfies both the recycling industry and the EPA.



James Hammond
Founder and Director
4Pillars Environmental Consulting


James Hammond is the founder and Director of 4Pillars Environmental Consulting. James has extensive experience, with demonstrated skills and ability across a range of practice areas, including ecology, natural resource management, air, noise and water management, auditing, impact assessment, negotiation and public policy development. James has worked in both the private and public sectors and uses his ability to understand all sides of an issue to provide practical options for clients. As Director of 4Pillars, James provides strategic direction for the business, whilst also engaging directly with existing and new clients on a regular basis. James’ skills, performance and integrity are independently verified by the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ), through their ‘Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme’.



Marc Salmon
Principal Environmental Scientist and Contaminated Land Auditor
Easterly Point Environmental



Marc is a principal environmental scientist and contaminated land auditor in New South Wales and Queensland, and has been auditing since 2001.  He has conducted audits for land uses including defence sites, hospitals, service stations, fuel depots, paper mills, landfills, research facilities, drum recycling, dry cleaners, railway lands, road corridors, asphalt plants, manufacturing facilities, utilities depots, banana lands, cattle tick dip sites, cropping lands, broad-acre agricultural sites, and former sand mining and processing plant sites. Marc has also worked extensively in the assessment and management of contaminated sites in Australia, USA and Asian, including conducting environmental investigations of soils, sediments, surface water, groundwater and air quality.  His professional interests include amongst others, experiment design through the use of the data quality objectives (DQOs) planning process, for which he lectures at the UTS CSARM short course, the use of statistics in environmental assessment, and the assessment and management of enhanced natural occurring radioactive materials.



Richard Case
Founder and Director
Compliance Health & Environmental Consulting



Richard is the founder and Director of Compliance Health & Environmental Consulting. He is s a certified Site Contamination Specialist with the Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) and Licenced Asbestos Assessor with Safework NSW. Richard has had extensive experience assessing and remediating contaminated sites including foundries, legacy landfill sites, cattle tick dip sites, chemical research and manufacturing facilities, service stations, dry cleaners, photo labs, railway maintenance yards and boat maintenance yards. Richard has also managed development works in areas of naturally occurring arsenic and asbestos. Throughout his career he has become proficient in assessment and evidence-based mitigation of risks associated with volatile contaminants in soil gas, bulk landfill gasses, volatile and non-volatile groundwater contaminants, soil chemicals and a variety of asbestos exposure scenarios.  His work has often required navigating multiple legislative frameworks to negotiate amicable outcomes for all stakeholders, be that for environmental operations, land use suitability or work place management.

Thursday, October 21, 2021
1:00pm - 2:00pm

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20 October 2021

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