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Remembering Sharon & Rebecca - An Example of Best Practice in Community Engagement and Communication

Remembering Sharon and Rebecca - An Example of Best Practice in Community Engagement and Communication

The deaths of two young girls in Northwich, Cheshire, UK from acute myeloid leukaemia led to an intensive Public Health investigation into the epidemiology and environment of the local community. This presentation considers how the investigation team, parents of the children, residents of the properties affected and the local community worked together on a journey to identify any likely cause or link between the two deaths. The project won a number of awards and has since been identified as both an example of best practice in community engagement and communication.

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Graham Aveyard is the Science Team Leader for Contaminated Land at Environment Canterbury with a particular interest in contaminated land health risk. The former Environmental Protection Manager from Cheshire in the UK and Environmental Health Officer by ‘qualification’ has developed and adapted to meeting a wide range of health protection demands over a career spanning 30 years. Graham took over the Environmental Protection Manager’s role for the council heading the investigation just at time the investigation was concluding. However, he followed up this investigation with those for the Sheltered Old Peoples Home and public open space which both occupied the former landfill site. Openness and engagement were again used in relation to staff and service users of the sheltered accommodation. 

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