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Environmental Site Characterization using Data from Space to the Subsurface

Environmental Site Characterization using Data from Space to the Subsurface

Drones, satellites, and the data they collect are becoming a prevalent part of environmental monitoring and characterization. Recent developments in computer vision and artificial intelligence, combined with Ramboll’s extensive domain knowledge in site characterization, allow us to identify those signals and provide unparalleled site understanding to our clients. In addition to remote sensing analytics, extensive sub-surface data is critical to understand the fate and transport of contaminants in site groundwater. Several case studies will be presented to summarize a novel modeling approach developed to accurately represent the effect of back-diffusion from fine-grained units with the goal of producing realistic estimates of remedial time frames, and to show innovative remote sensing-based methods for site characterization.

We will conclude the session with audience driven questions and answers. Please email me at elearning@landandgroundwater.com with any detailed aspects of the subject you would like addressed.

Alka Singhal has more than 15 years consulting experience in environmental geoscience and ground water hydrology, with emphasis in the areas of modeling fate and transport of chemicals in groundwater, implementing hydrogeologic studies and spatial analysis tool for water resources development and watershed delineation.  Her work at Ramboll includes analytical and numerical subsurface modeling, hydrogeological characterization, geospatial data analysis and providing technical support for litigation projects. She has an extensive experience with remediation of range of organic and inorganic contaminants using in situ chemical oxidation and anaerobic in situ reactive zone technologies, reactive barriers and slurry walls. She has expertise assessing the reliability and security of water resources, water rights and the resiliency of water supply for a variety of client applications, including manufacturing and industrial sites, food and beverage makers, recreation sites and energy providers. She has a PhD in Environmental Geoscience and master’s degree in Applied Geology


Mike Rawitch is a geologist and geographer specializing in the implementation of geospatial technologies to optimize environmental problem solving. As Operations Director on Ramboll’s Galago team, his focus is on remotely sensed data analysis, collection and visualization applied to mine site investigation and remediation. Galago uses aerial imagery and image analysis to understand site conditions, reduce uncertainty and help efficiently characterize sites for environmental risks. Mike is an Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council (ITRC) team member and is a co-author on the ITRC Chapter for Advanced Site Characterization Tools. He is also a certified Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Remote Pilot and is a senior Unmanned Aerial System (UAS or drone) operator within the Ramboll global drone group.

Thursday, April 30, 2020
1:30pm - 2:30pm

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12pm April 30 2020

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