2019 Meth Code of Practice

2019 Meth Code of Practice

This session will help you to understand not just what the new Code of Practice is, but why it is important and how it can be used to reduce the harm caused to people by meth contamination in property.

We will conclude the session with audience driven questions and answers. Please email me at elearning@landandgroundwater.com with any detailed aspects of the subject you would like addressed.

Miles Stratford is the Chair of the methamphetamine Special Interest Group and the Founder and CEO of MethSolutions. MethSolutions is a New Zealand based business, that has had a strong leadership position in the development of the methamphetamine risk management industry. Miles was a member of the New Zealand Standards Committee that developed NZS8510:2017. The Framework of the Standard has formed the start pint for the Code of Practice. Miles support Dr. Jackie Wright in the development of the industry Code of Practice. If used effectively, Miles believes the Code of Practice offers the opportunity for the meth risk management industry in Australia (and elsewhere in the world), to avoid the mistakes which were made in New Zealand.

Jackie Wright is an adjunct lecturer with Flinders University and Director of enRiskS. She has been conducting research on characterising exposures and health effects that occur within methamphetamine contaminated properties.






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