Attending EcoForum as a conference delegate will allow you to update your professional and practical knowledge about the issues that matter in today’s fast paced and challenging world.

It will also give you the opportunity to meet prospective clients and expand your peer group network of environment industry professionals working in all areas of the remediation industry.



Conference fees (excl GST) Member Student Non-member
Tuesday 3th September 2019
Pre-conference Short Course $450 $225 $600
Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th September 2019
2-Day Conference Pas EARLY BIRD*
$1000 $500 EARLY BIRD*
1-Day Conference Pass (Wednesday OR Thursday) $550 $275 $850
Session Pass/es (3 Sessions per day) $300 $150 $450
Conference Dinner $140 $140 $170
Friday 6th September 2019
Site Tours $100 $50 $150

Justify your Attendance!

Need some help building a business case to your manager why you should attend EcoForum?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for some compelling arguements:

You will no doubt see the value and importance of attending the 2019 EcoForum Conference and Exhibition however, in these difficult economic times, you might be hesitant to approach your organisation for approval. We have outlined a couple of important points to raise with management that may assist you explain why you should represent your organisation at 2019 EcoForum and how it will contribute to you professionally.

Show Management the Conference Program

Go through the sessions with senior staff, highlighting the relevant educational components. Comment on how EcoForum will provide an excellent opportunity for you to talk with industry experts and knowledgeable vendors.

Its Value to Your Organisation

Explain your intent to capture the important ideas and best practices that apply to your organisation and how these materials might be of value to your colleagues and your broader workplace.

Represent Your Organisation

When discussing your attendance, highlight how you think this might position your company within the industry. ALGA’s events are industry leaders in creating valuable networking conferences and events. If you believe the conference is required for your professional development, then you should attend, regardless of who pays. You might like to consider offering to cover some of the costs or request for time off without having to use up leave time. Take this opportunity to explain exactly what you want to get out of the conference and exhibition and, more importantly, how that will benefit your work and your organisation. Your boss may not say “yes,” but if you know what you want, are sincere, and can demonstrate why attending is valuable to your organisation, you’ll dramatically improve your odds! We hope to see you at the 2019 EcoForum Conference and Exhibition!

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