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Conference Awards


At EcoForum Conference & Exhibitions we offer 5 Awards:

  1. Best Platform Presentation of the Day
  2. Best Poster Presentation
  3. Best Young Professional Platform
  4. Best Young Professional Poster Presentation
  5. Best Booth

The Best Platform and Poster Presentations are open to all Platform and Poster Presentations while the Best Young Platform Presentation will be open to all presentations by presenters who have identified themselves (in their abstract submission) as being a “young professional” under the age of 35 years. So you can easily identify between the categories the Young Platform Presentations are marked with a red dot on the printed Program.

The awards are presented on both days in both categories.

Voting for best presentations is open to all delegates, via an EcoForum Event App by using the “Star Rating” system. Winners will be based on the presentations achieving the highest number of votes and highest average “Star Rating”.

All winners will receive an EcoForum Certificate and have their abstract or an extended abstract published on the ALGA website.

Congratulations to our Past Winners!

2019 Winners

Best Platform Presentation (Wednesday) - E1967 - Mixed Contamination (including PFAS) Assessment & Management at a Zinc Galvanising Plant Alice Walker (GHD)

Best Platform Presentation (Thursday)- E1945 - Bringing Bioavailability into the Fold: Region-Specific Sustainable Land Management - Michelle Begbie (Waikato Regional Council) & David Bull (HAIL Environmental)

Best Poster Presentation - E1911 - When a CSM Isn’t Enough: Dealing with Unexpected Creosote Contamination - Ray Forrest, Lisa Bond (WSP Opus)

Best Young Professional Platform Presentation - E1929 - Containment of K20 Contaminated Site Through a Multifunctional Active Cover Lining - Kristof Thimm (HUESKER Synthetic GmbH)

Best Student - E19105 - Genetic Technology to Support Bioremediation of Dioxin Contaminated Soil in the Kopeopeo Canal - Sharna McCleary (The University of Waikato)

Best Booth – Eurofins – Environment Testing

2018 Winners

Best Platform Presentation (Wednesday) - 18E187 - “Those are My Principles, and if You Don’t Like Them…Well, I Have Others.” - Jason Clay (Senversa)

Best Platform Presentation (Thursday) - 18E090 - A New Approach to Contaminated Land Risk Review Using Historical Imagery and Web GIS - Peter Brogan (Sydney Water) & Kasia Dworniczak (Jacobs)

Best Poster Presentation - 18E009P - The Challenge of Future Basement Development for Regulatory Outcomes that include (Managed) Residual Off-site Groundwater Contaminated with VOCs - Philip Bayne (Jacobs)

Best Young Professional Platform Presentation - Kasia Dworniczak (Jacobs) 18E090 - A New Approach to Contaminated Land Risk Review Using Historical Imagery and Web GIS - Peter Brogan (Sydney Water)

Best Booth - Synergy Resource Management

2016 Winners

Best Platform Presentation - Casey O’Farrell (Coffey) E0107 EILs: Which Ones Do We Need, The Industry’s View

Best Poster Presentation - Andrew Labbett (Coffey) E0079Solar Thermal Aerobic Recirculation Treatment – A CarbonNeutral Groundwater Remediation Method, Adam Fletcher (Ventia) E0120 Can Remediation Really Be Sustainable –A Gasworks Case Study

Best Young Professional Platform Presentation - Reece White (Coffey) E0186 A Young Professional’s Experience and Observations of Contaminated Land Assessment and Remediation

Best Young Professional Poster Presentation - Pacian Netherway (RMIT University) E0184 Using Biochar to Manage and Remediate Lead Contaminated Soil

Best Booth - ALS Global

Student Sponsorship

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Ltd is pleased to provide sponsorship for 5 university students to attend EcoForum Conference & Exhibition by means of providing a complimentary 2-day conference registration (valued at approx AUD$1500.00) as well as support to travel costs up to the value of AUD$500.00.

Successful candidates will be offered free entry to the conference which attracts some of the best and brightest industry practitioners across a wide range of industries associated with key resource, energy and development sectors of the economy. Sponsored students will also have the opportunity for an oral presentation and/or present their work in the Poster Sessions.

To apply for student sponsorship to Ecoforum, an Expression of Interest (EOI) should be sent to the ALGA Organising Committee by June 30th, 2020. The EOI should include the student’s course details & a brief statement outlining why the student wishes to attend the conference and the benefits s/he may gain from this. Both full-time and part-time students may apply.

Successful “sponsored students” are required to submit an abstract and prepare a poster or oral presentation for the event. The guidelines for presenting at EcoForum can be found obtained from the ALGA Head Office. These guidelines are provided with the aim of assisting you for planning your presentation and to ensure a smoothrunning conference.

The ALGA Board and the EcoForum Organising Committee are delighted to be able to offer this sponsorship opportunity.

14, 16 & 18 September 2020

Virtual Conference - Online

ALGA Member ..................$TBC
ALGA Student Member .....$TBC
Everyone else ...................$TBC

8 September 2020

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