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Ecoforum 2019 - AUCKLAND

- In the news 

  • It's snowing micro-plastics in the Arctic and the Alps

- Featured Articles

  • The Life Cycle of a Landfill
  • Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Basin

2019 EcoForum 

- In the news 

  • Australia under pressure from its Pacific neighbours on climate crisis
  • 5 ways to fix fashion’s biggest pollution problem: dye

- Featured Articles

  • Queensland Firefighting Foam Policy & PFAS NEMP 2.0 updates
  • Measuring groundwater flow using Flexible Liners (FLUTe)

- In the news

  • Magnetic coils, the new way to deal with microplastics
  • Fracking, ports and oil pipeline project worth
    $77b proposed for west Kimberley

- Featured Articles

  • Contaminated Land Management in NSW – Update on Regulatory Initiatives
  • Plastic contamination of the food chain – a threat to human health?
  • EnviroDrinks Christmas in July!

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in the news*


It's snowing micro-plastics in the Arctic and the Alps

Scientists say they've found an abundance of tiny plastic particles in Arctic snow, indicating that so-called microplastics are being sucked into the atmosphere and carried to some of the most remote corners of the planet.... more



featured articles


The Life Cycle of a Landfill

The future of the Burwood landfill site was a hot topic for this forum!
The first presentation was made by Grant Gillard of CCC. He discussed the history of Burwood landfill and that it had served as a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill from 1984
2005.  He also discussed its role as a disposal location for waste material following the Canterbury earthquake sequence in 2010 2011, for which it... more


Underground Water Impact Report for the Surat Basin

The Underground Water Impact Report (UWIR) is a statutory report which is updated and released in a 3-year cycle to the Department of Environment and Science. It is an independent report submitted directly to the Minister funde by the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry levy.

It covers the impact assessment and management of CSG and groundwater (GW) in the Surat Basin.. .. more


Victoria Unearthed updated with more data and better usability

Victoria Unearthed brings together environmental and historical information in an easy to use interactive map, helping users to investigate potential and existing contamination of land and groundwater.
Victoria Unearthed has recently been substantially updated. This has added two new EPA datasets: sites with EPA licences, and sites on EPA’s Priority Sites Register (locations with known environmental issues). These datasets add to the information previously available in Victoria Unearthed on groundwater restrictions, planning overlays of potential or identified contamination (environmental audit overlays), and the location of past and present landfills.
The historical business information in Victoria Unearthed has also been expanded significantly, and now includes over half a million historical business records dating back to the 1890s, digitised for the first time as part of this project. These come from Sands and McDougall directories (Victoria’s original 'phone books') and can provide clues on where past business activity may have resulted in legacy contamination.
For specialist users, all this data is also being made available in spatial formats through DataVic or Spatial Datamart.
You can find out more about Victoria Unearthed at and access the map via






in the news*


Australia under pressure from its Pacific neighbours on climate crisis

In the Pacific, the climate crisis is a matter of survival for our most vulnerable nations. While Pacific peoples are resourceful and resilient.. more


5 ways to fix fashion’s biggest pollution problem: dye

With landfill and plastics at the forefront of our minds, dyeing is often overlooked when it comes to fashion’s impact on the environment.... more



featured articles


Queensland Firefighting Foam Policy &
PFAS NEMP 2.0 updates

The PFAS National Environmental Management Plan (NEMP 2.0) is an adaptive plan which aims to address the need for consistency in PFAS management in Australia. PFAS NEMP 2.0 Draft Version 2 was reviewed by the National Chemical Working Group to provide more explanation and context to the initial ecological guidelines; criteria for soil and waste reuse and the wastewater industry; and guidance for the sampling, monitoring, treatment and remediation of contaminants.. more



Measuring groundwater flow using Flexible Liners (FLUTe)

Measuring groundwater permeability (or transmissivity profiles) in fractured rock has traditionally been done by diamond coring, assessing where major fracture sets of interest are by logging core, and then running straddle packers at discrete elevations to characterise the formation.

An alternative method which is typically much faster and therefore more cost effective has been developed using Flexible Liner Underground Technologies (FLUTe)..  more









in the news*



Magnetic coils, the new way to deal with microplastics

Flowing through rivers and oceans, plastic waste has become an important environmental threat across the globe. Trying to deal with the problem, researchers in Australia developed a way to purge water sources of microplastic without harming microorganisms, using a set of magnets.
Microplastics are ubiquitous pollutants. Some are too small to be filtered during industrial water treatment, such as exfoliating beads in cosmetics, while others are produced indirectly when larger debris like soda bottles or tires weather amid sun and sand.  more


Fracking, ports and oil pipeline project worth $77b proposed for west Kimberley

A network of oil wells that involve fracking in the Great Sandy Desert, connected by pipelines to new and existing ports, may become Australia's biggest oil-producing project. Documents on the website of privately owned Theia Energy, some of which have since been removed, say they have found..... more



featured articles


Contaminated Land Management in NSW – Update on Regulatory Initiatives

Arminda Ryan, Joanne Stuart & Naomi Lee from NSW EPA led a lively discussion on the management of old mine sites in NSW. The questions began with: What is the NSW EPA doing with respected to abandoned mine sites in regional NSW?
The answer was that the responsibility for derelict or abandoned mines in NSW is the responsibility of the Derelict Mines Fund which is managed by the Division of Resources and Geoscience. ..more


Plastic contamination of the food chain – a threat to human health?

Rosemary Waring from Tharos presented a fascinating webinar about plastic in the environment, it's impact and what can be done about it. The main points were:

Background and environmental fate of plastics - 8.5 billion tonnes of plastic have been made since the 1950s and 75% of this is waste. Still 40% of plastics are single use packaging... more


EnviroDrinks Christmas in July!

ALGA, in collaboration with Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) hosted this year’s Enviro Drinks catchup.

The theme of the event was Christmas in July, which was tied in with a speed networking event. The event was well attended with approximately 50 people from the environmental industry attending, including contaminated land consultants and auditors, environmental consultants, laboratory professionals...more







ALGA Student Grant Goal

With your help, we can do even more. We are looking to make an investment for the future - we have set a goal of $10,000 to put to students who are the industry’s future workforce.

Qualifying students in Australia and New Zealand, will be awarded annual membership, providing massively discounted registration fees to all ALGA events - read more



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