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ISSUE 70 - APRIL 2020
From the President

Ecoforum 2020 - Call for Abstracts 

EcoForum Call For Abstracts Deadline extended

From Our Members
  • CoVid19 Sanity in Isolation Tips with Ken Mival
  • CoVid19 Sanity in Isolation Tips with Craig Cowper
Good (And/Or Silly) News
  • ALGA Announces New CEO
  • Wild goats take over empty streets of Welsh town as residents stay inside
  • Costume-themed bin outings sparked from isolation boredom
Good (And/Or Silly) News (cont.)
  • Mystery gnomes appear in Albany music teacher Teresa Hughes' garden
  • Weird and wonderful ways to get through the Covid-19 lockdown
(Virtual) Branch Events
  • ALGA leads the industry by introducing Virtual Branch Events
CEP CoVid19 update
Photo Of The Month

ALGA Student Grant Goal
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Hello everyone!

Welcome to a slightly different version of CRONICLE, or should I say CORONA-CLE? (with puntastic thanks to our erstwhile Chairman; Craig).
Given the current circumstances and the fact that we don’t have as much to report on as usual, we’ve decided to focus on the mental health of our members by making you smile, hopefully giving you a laugh and adding some light relief to these very different days. 
We’ve reached out to the membership and asked you to send in photo’s and stories of how you are adapting to working in a CoVid-19 constrained environment, whilst still leading the world in the sustainable management of contaminated land and groundwater.
As for me, well, these things normally end badly. Being slightly shy and reserved, I tend to get cajoled into posing for some silly photo with the promise it won’t go far and then come back to work and find a life sized printout stuck on my office door. You’d think I’d have learnt by now. I’m writing this with the vague suspicion that the ALGA team has a number of dodgy photo’s of me carrying out ‘official’ duties and these may appear at whim in this edition. *To those putting this together – be warned that I also keep my own ‘files’, just in case!*. Anyhow, I dug through the archives and found a photo of me during my backpacking days doing a bungy jump in Cairns. Don’t ask, as I can’t remember why either...  Let’s just say I thought it was a good idea at the time!

I hope everyone is staying well and keeping their distance.  Hopefully we will soon see the loosening of some of the restrictions across the country, with confidence that we can manage the impact of the virus into the future. It has certainly been a challenging time for many and adapting to a working from home regime has been interesting to say the least. I have seen the inside of more people’s houses in the past few months than I normally would in a year.
I’m always pleasantly surprised to see how adaptable we are to new circumstances with home offices in bedrooms, laundry’s, garages and of course, the kitchen table!
It’s also been eye opening to see the activities people have been turning their hands to. Who knew that we had that much fascination with sourdough!
As for me, well we gained a new family member, and one that the kids had campaigned for a while. So, in the spirit of maintaining your mental health and providing you with a dose of dopamine and oxytocin, here’s a photo of our new puppy Hugo!


I hope you enjoy this edition.  As one wag on twitter put it: 
"Remember, it's only Quarantine if it's in the Quarante province of France, otherwise it's just Sparkling Isolation!"

Ian Brookman
El Presidente
CoVid19 Sanity in Isolation Tips with Ken Mival

Hi! My name is, Ken Mival. I am a Environmental Auditor for Contaminated Land.

I work for EHS Support and for the last four years have worked part time from my home office, so isolation due to Covid 19 hasn’t changed my life much at all, except for the cancellation of site visits and social activities.. more

CoVid19 Sanity in Isolation Tips with Craig Cowper

Hi! My name is Craig Cowper, the ALGA team asked me to answer a few questions from them about coping during CoVid19!

  • What makes you happy?
    Working mostly from home ... more

ALGA Announces New CEO

The Australasian Land & Groundwater Association (ALGA) Ltd announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Annalisa Haskell as Chief Executive Officer, effective 4 May 2020.

ALGA Chair of the Board, Craig Cowper, said Annalisa was chosen after a very robust selection process. “Annalisa comes to the Association with not only many years of experience ... more

Wild goats take over empty streets of Welsh town as residents stay inside

A herd of wild goats has taken over the deserted streets of a seaside town of Llandudno, Wales, as citizens remain in their homes to help stop the spread of coronavirus. The goats have been spotted in the town center, in front of churches and even nibbling on hedges in front lawns. The animals are part of a wild herd of more than 100 Kashmiri goats ..more

Costume-themed bin outings sparked from isolation boredom

As boredom sets in across Australia amid social distancing rules, some people have taken to dressing up in elaborate costumes when they take out their bins.

The costuming fad started as a joke in Hervey Bay in Queensland, after Danielle Askew dared another friend to dress up as they put out the bins.... more

Mystery gnomes appear in Albany music teacher Teresa Hughes' garden

Teresa Hughes never used to like garden gnomes but over the last year, their appeal has started to grow on her. The gnomes first appeared in the Albany music teacher's garden last February and new statues have been arriving ever since. The newest addition appeared last just weekend with poppies and a box of miniature Anzac biscuits in tow... more

Weird and wonderful ways to get through the Covid-19 lockdown

As the coronavirus crisis deepens and the advice is to stay at home, people are becoming increasingly creative about how to cope. Here are just some of the ways people are trying to deal with social distancing.

• The Houseparty video messaging app, which basically allows you to throw parties with your friends, is becoming hugely popular again... more

ALGA leads the industry by introducing Virtual Branch Events

In April ALGA's Branch Committees launched a series of Virtual Branch Events as an alternate solution to our face to face events.The Virtual Branch Events were set up in order to continue to deliver industry knowledge sharing and training to its members in a safe manner.

At the moment, you can’t come to us, so let us come to you – wherever you may be! In the office, at the dining table, on the deck outside or on your daily bush walk – anytime, anywhere!.. more


CEnvP Scheme - COVID-19 Update and Changes

COVID-19 is having a wide-reaching impact on people, communities, and businesses at global, national, state, and local levels. In addition to personal disruption, the Board and Program Office for the Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme recognise the negative effects the pandemic is having on businesses and the economy, as well as the cancellation of face to face events and activities.... more

The Winner Of The April Photo Of The Month!
My youngest daughter has wanted a puppy since forever. We resisted as they are a lot of work and we couldn't manage young kids and a puppy as well. This year she turned 12 so we thought she's now old enough to manage the responsibility. We found the puppy and bought him in secret, then made up some story so the kids would be out when we brought Ollie home.
They walked in and Ollie popped his head up from the couch - their faces were worth the whole experience! Needless to say, Ollie is being loved to death!
Submitted by John Dank
ALGA Student Grant Goal

With your help, we can do even more. We are looking to make an investment for the future - we have set a goal of $10,000 to put to students who are the industry’s future workforce.

Qualifying students in Australia and New Zealand, will be awarded annual membership, providing massively discounted registration fees to all ALGA events - read more
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