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ALGA has established this interest group to provide structure and support for members that are interested in improving their knowledge across the elements of managing vapour intrusion and ground gas sites. These have been a growing area of concern for the management of landfills as well as contaminated land and groundwater because of the significant exposure pathway and hazards that vapours and inground gases can create. There have been some high profile sites within Australia that have involved developers, property investors, local governments, regulators, emergency response personnel, and residents that have highlighted the need for better understanding and long term management of such sites. Such site examples and concerns that the contaminated land industry is not yet consistently aligned to “best practice” has led to a lack in confidence in the data and management strategies being reviewed by site Auditors (in Australia), Suitable Qualified and Experienced Practitioners (in NZ) and Regulators.

This  interest group will assist in sharing information on industry best practice methods and available technology and cover the range of areas, including:

  • Investigation design
  • Sampling methods and technologies
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Conceptual site models
  • Risk Assessment
  • Management/Remediation options
  • Passive and active barrier technologies, design, installation, verification and validation

The group aims to building knowledge across the many stakeholders involved in site management (e.g. property owners, consultants, contractors, regulators, laboratories, equipment suppliers, lawyers, and environmental auditors) to bring improved management of VI and ground gas impacted sites, increase the viability of developing some sites, minimise risks to human health, and reduce the overall cost burden associated with managing vapour intrusion impacted sites in a sustainable way.

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Current Steering Commitee Members (renewed each calendar year):


Jon Miller, Director, The Remediation Group

Jon Miller is the MD of The Remediation Group and was a Director of ALGA from 2009 to 2015 holding the position of Chair for the last two years. He has a keen interest in continuous gas monitoring technology and active management of ground gas.  

Dane Egelton, Senior Environmental Scientist, SGS Australia

Dane Egelton has been working on contaminated land investigations for over 10 years. He has a personal interest in the area of vapour intrusion, landfill gas and fugitive CSG emission investigations.  He is based in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and works all around Australia as a specialist in vapour intrusion sampling and analysis methods.

Ken Kiefer, Technical Director, ERM

Ken has 18 years of experience in vapour intrusion assessment and management. He brings a chemistry and toxicology background with experience in the field assessment of vapours, application quantitative fate and transport modelling, and health risk assessments to meet a range national and state environmental policy frameworks within Australia and the U.S.

Simon Hunt,

Simon is an Associate and Director at Golder and ALGA Board member. He has over 27 years of contaminated land management experience gained in industry and consulting principally working in the UK, NZ, Australia and South East Asia. His ground gas work commenced in the UK in the mid/late 1980s working on a variety of landfill gas projects and from the mid-1990s this work has focused on hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent vapour issues.  Key technical work areas currently comprise landfill gas and chlorinated solvent vapour risk management.

Nick Simmons, Landfill Principal Expert, EPA Victoria

Nick studied geography and geology at the University of Derby, England. After university, he worked for the Environment Agency (England and Wales) for seven years, specialising in regulating landfills, waste treatment and major industry sites.  In this role, he was appointed regional specialist for waste treatment and landfill and worked in the agency’s national landfill gas team.  Nick joined EPA Victoria in November 2010. Nick focuses on regulating landfills by undertaking inspections, reviewing audits and assisting the EPA regional officers in this work.  In his role as principal expert, Nick is building EPA’s technical capability by training staff in landfill gas management, leachate management, landfill operations, landfill environmental monitoring and landfill rehabilitation and aftercare.  The role also sees him undertaking expert witness statements, representing EPA in court and VCAT and presenting papers at national and international conferences.  Nick has been EPA’s Landfill Principal Expert since 2012.

Rob van de Munckhof, Principal Environmental Engineer, Tonkin & Taylor

Rob holds a chemical engineering degree and has 14 years’ experience in environmental engineering and landfill management. He has been with T+T for ten years and has experience in landfill gas management and assessment of vapour intrusion risk assessment and mitigation.  He has undertaken and been involved in vapour intrusion risk assessments and the design of both passive and active vapour barrier systems at over 20 former landfill and hydrocarbon contaminated sites throughout New Zealand.  He has provided technical support including undertaking site observations during construction and has a thorough knowledge of the complicated nature of construction that may impact on the effectiveness of vapour barrier designs.  He has also provided advice around the management of works on closed landfills during both construction and on-going use including development of management plans and on-going monitoring programmes.

Aidan Marsh, Manager Queensland, DLA Environmental Services

Aidan is an Environmental Scientist with over 18 years' experience both in consultancy and industry in Australia, UK, Europe, Asia and the United States.  His experience has helped him gain a comprehensive level of understanding of landfill gas management and soil gas. That said, Aidan always finds opportunities to learn and looks forward to spending time with like-minded people where experiences can be shared.  For several years, Aidan was a member of the team managing the Cranbourne landfill site and subsequent remediation of the Brooklands Green Estate.  He was also the lead author for the Emission Reduction Fund Landfill Phytocaps Methodology commissioned by the Department of Environment, aiming to design a methodology that allows methane abatement in phytocaps to be estimated and measured.  In Adian's previous role he was responsible for designing and delivering training to over 100 staff involved with landfill gas and environmental management.  He has also helped deliver the National Phytocapping workshop based on the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) studied and has given numerous WMAA presentations on landfill gas and oxidation in landfill caps.

Hannah Mirabueno,Environmental Health Officer, Christchurch City Council

Hannah is a geologist who has more than 20 years of experience in hazards and risk studies in volcanology and earthquake sciences.  She has completed her MSc and PhD in Geology in New Zealand and Japan, respectively.  Hannah has completed a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health at Massey University. She is currently an Environmental Health Officer at the Christchurch City Council – providing specialist advice across the Christchurch City Council, the public, and industry on land contamination and other matters related to environmental health, including the management of sites potentially at risk from landfill gas. Hannah has participated in the review of the Resource Management (National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health) Regulations 2011, and also initiates and manages research on emerging or existing environmental issues. She also undertakes collaborative work with other government agencies such as Environment Canterbury and Community and Public Health.

Matt Collyer, Meinhardt Group

Matt is an experienced geologist/environmental scientist with over 14 years’ experience working as an environmental consultant in Australia, UK, Europe and Asia.

Matt has extensive practical fieldwork, project management and overall project direction experience, with detailed working knowledge of the Victorian legislation with regard contaminated land.

He specialises in project management, design and implementation of site investigations, site remediation, waste management and landfill gas (LFG)/soil vapour assessment and has been involved in site investigation and assessment (soil, groundwater and soil vapour), remediation/ mitigation and project/client management roles.

Matt has a specific technical focus in the area of soil vapour assessment (both passive and active) and has presented at international conferences in 2015 and 2016 on this subject.

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