Sustainable Remediation

The ALGA Sustainable Remediation Interest Group - SuRF ANZ is an independent member of the International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA) proclaimed in 2016.

Sustainable remediation is a rapidly developing research and environmental management topic within Australia and internationally. ALGA supports this group to help promote the use of sustainable practices within Australia and New Zealand, in terms of environmental, economic and social indicators, during the remediation and development of contaminated land. 

The group is committed to the development and promotion of sustainable remediation practices for application to contaminated land and groundwater projects.

The groups achievements include:

  • Ongoing development of a Framework for Sustainable Remediation;
  • Establishing "sustainable remediation (SR)" policy in consultation with members;
  • Providing web based SR tools;
  • Organising meetings and forums for SR dialogues; 
  • Facilitating contact with international SR associations;
  • Contributing to a national remediation framework (NRF) currently being developed through CRC CARE.
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Current Steering Commitee Members (renewed each calendar year):


Tony Scott - Coffey Environments (Chair)

Tony Scott has over 35 years experience in the chemical and geo-environmental consulting industry, including 20 years experience as an EPA accredited auditor. Tony is a past Vice President and President of ALGA and has been a member of the SuRF ANZ steering committee since 2010. Through his involvement in SuRF ANZ he has observed significant progress in sustainable remediation around the world. 

Peter Nadebaum - GHD

Dr Nadebaum, a Senior Principle of GHD, has many years' experience in auditing, assessment, remediation, risk assessment and risk management of contaminated sites. He is accredited as an Environmental Auditor and is a member of the CRC CARE Natonal Remediation Framework Steering Group and is leading  current CRC projects on PFOS and PFOA, B(a)P and various remediation technologies.

Tanya Astbury - Viva Energy

Tanya graduated in Environmental Engineering and Commerce from UWA in 1994. Her first contaminated land experience was on East Perth Gasworks in 1993. After 8 years in consulting she joined Shell and is now Environment Risk and Assurance Lead with Viva Energy Australia.  She is passionate about reducing our environmental footprint, protecting human health/environment, strengthening institutional controls and promoting sound decision-making for sustainable outcomes. Tanya has been associated with SuRF ANZ since 2015.

John Hunt - Ventia

John Hunt is the national Technical Services Manager for Ventia's Remediation Division, where he is responsible for evaluating technical and regulatory requirements of remediation projects. He is also involved in external communications, interpreting remediations plans for project stakeholders including regulators and the community. John was President of the Australasian Land and Groundwater Association in 2013 and 2014. 

Anne Northway - Vic EPA

Anne is a hydrogeologist and environmental regulator in the area of contaminated land and groundwater, with over 15 years’ experience. Before joining EPA Victoria, Anne worked for more than eight years as an environmental consultant and hydrogeologist in Victoria and NSW, developing her knowledge of soil, soil vapour, and groundwater assessment and remediation. Anne is experienced in the development and interpretation of environmental regulations, policies and guidance documents relating to contaminated land and groundwater, including the environmental audit system. Anne was appointed as a Land and Groundwater Principal Expert with EPA Victoria in 2012.

David Tully - Contaminated Land Solutions

Dr David Tully is Director of Contaminated Land Solutions Pty Ltd. During his 30 year career he has become well-versesd in adopting both conventional and more innovative methodologies for the investigation and remediation of contaminated land, assessing a wide variety of contaminants often under tight budgets and project timescales. He provides technical advice with regard to site contamination assessment and sustainable risk mitigation measures for projects. 

Tom Statham - JBS&G

Tom Statham is a Project Engineer with five years experience in the remediation industry. Before joining JBS&G in May 2015, he completed a PhD focussed on the development of remediation systems for contaminated sites in Antarctica. Tom has a strong desire to contribute to solving complex environmental challenges and implementing practical, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Matt Hansen - Numac

Matt is the GM of Numac Drilling Services Australia. Matt has pushed to ensure Numac has remained at the pointy end of investigation technology. Matt was one of the first Australians trained in the operation of the MIP, UVOST & HPT, seeing these tools as the future of sustainable site assessment. Keeping true to sustainable approaches Numac is heavily invested in the development of high performance in situ remediation systems. As an avid scuba diver, Matt is passionate about the ocean and development of more efficient and sustainable investigation techniques and materials.

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