SuRF ANZ (Sustainable Remediation Forum for Australia & New Zealand)







Sustainable remediation is a rapidly developing research and environmental management topic within Australia and internationally. To help promote the use of sustainable practices within Australia and New Zealand, in terms of environmental, economic and social indicators, during the remediation and development of contaminated land, an initiative to set up a collaborative forum of industry, regulatory, academic and consultancy members has been instigated. 

SuRF ANZ is supported by ALGA with membership from remediation industry practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. SuRF ANZ are committed to the development and promotion of sustainable remediation practices for application to contaminated land and groundwater projects.  Formal proclamation of SuRF ANZ occurred in 2012.  SuRF ANZ is an independent member of the International Sustainable Remediation Alliance (ISRA) proclaimed in 2016.

Six Key Steps to Sustainable Remediation
1. Find the WHY for your project
2. Choose Framework and Tool
3. Develop Goals and Metrics
4. Collect Data and Information
5. Analyze Data and Information
6. Communicate Results

SuRF ANZ’s achievements include:

  • Ongoing development of a Framework for Sustainable Remediation. Please download a copy of the current framework here.
  • Establishing SuRF ANZ policy in consultation with members;
  • Providing web based SR tools;
  • Organising meetings and forums for SR dialogues; 
  • Facilitating contact with international SR associations;
  • Contributing to a national remediation framework (NRF) currently being developed through CRC CARE.
  • Invitation to sponsor extended to Australian businesses.

SuRF ANZ’s progress reports:

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