Risk Assessment

ALGA has established this interest group on risk assessment to provide structure and support for members that are interested in improving their knowledge across the elements of risk assessment. Environmental and human health risk assessment is a multi-disciplinary field encompassing the disciplines of public health, ecotoxicology, human toxicology, epidemiology, exposure science including fate and transport modelling and statistical inference. Early development work in Australia in the late 1980s focused on a risk-based approach to the assessment and mitigation of contaminants in the environment and such an approach has progressively been reinforced and developed both internationally and within Australia. While regulatory guidance has progressed there are still many opportunities for development and RASIG would like to seek input from members who are using novel techniques within the industry (subject to client agreement). The group intends to provide a communication strategy across the member group and across industry, academia and government sectors.

The objectives of the group include:

  • Information provision and training for ALGA members
  • Seminars with invited international and national speakers
  • Regulatory updates and new international development updates
  • A conduit to provide the regulatory community, feedback on areas for improvement based on industry experiences
  • Industry collaboration on risk assessment across government and academia.
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Current Steering Commitee Members (renewed each calendar year):


Ken Kiefer, Principal Consultant, ERM (Chair)

Ken has 18 years of experience in the fields of risk assessment and environmental toxicology as a consultant and researcher. He has diverse experience applying probabilistic and deterministic risk assessments, environmental fate and transport modelling, and toxicology assessments to meet a range national and state environmental policy frameworks within Australia and the U.S.

Therese Manning, Principal, Environmental Risk Sciences

After almost 25 years with the NSW EPA mostly as their risk specialist, Therese is now undertaking risk assessments for contaminated land, industrial facilities and major developments as well as reviews of such assessments for regulators and auditors. She has been involved in work on updating Australia’s chemical regulatory system and the development of State and National guidance documents. She has also lectured at the University of Sydney and University of Technology, Sydney.

Judith Betts, Environmental Scientist, Bayside Council

Judith has 18 years experience in local government in the areas of environmental management and environmental health.  Judith is involved in the assessment of proposed developments, the management of environmental responsibilities of Council operations, and in regional committees related to legacy contamination in the Botany area.

Dr David Bull, Contaiminated Land Specialist, Director- HAIL Environmental Ltd.

David is based in Wellington, is a Contaminated Land Specialist and Chartered Chemist.  Dave is an expert on the distribution, speciation, bioavailability and management of contaminants. Dave has had management, technical and on-site responsibilities for several major contaminated land projects in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.  He has designed, supervised, reported on and audited remedial works, quantitative risk assessments, technical studies, intrusive ground investigations, and desk based studies.

Kylie Lloyd, Auditor, Zoic Environmental

Kylie is the Founder and Managing Director of Zoic Environmental. She is a Principal Environmental Scientist with over 20 years’ international experience. Kylie holds Post-Graduate qualifications in Environmental Health and Medical Sciences and is a leading specialist in contaminated site audit, assessment, monitoring and remediation.  An accomplished business leader, Kylie thrives on attracting and developing high performance teams and is passionate about building strong and enduring client relationships. An excellent communicator with an open and approachable style, Kylie is sought as a mentor and advisor within the business community.

John Massie, Principal Land Contamination, Edge Group

John has over 18 years' experience in the diagnosis and remediation of contaminated land. Project work has included both preliminary and detailed site investigations, quantitative health and ecological risk assessment as well as remediation of hydrocarbon, metal and pesticide contaminated soils.  John has experience in undertaking human health risk assessments as well as providing reviews of health risk assessment in his previous role as contaminated sites auditor assistant. He also has wide ranging experience in soil ecotoxicology predominantly via the use of biosensors to interrogate and assess contaminated soil and water samples to support ecological risk assessment and develop site remediation strategies.

Christopher Bergin, Senior Environmental Consultant / Projects Work Group Manager, Opus International Consultants

Based in Greymouth on the south island of New Zealand, Christopher has 22 years' experience in environmental science and environmental health science working in Local Government, Central Government, and Private sector roles. Christopher graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Health), and his experience extends through policy and financial management, risk analysis and preparation of factual and interpretative reports.  Christopher has a technical specialty in drinking water safety and contaminated land. Christopher has utilised and further developed his environmental health expertise on numerous projects for a wide range of clients during his time at Opus.

Tim Russell, Senior Principal / Environmental Auditor, Peraco

Tim has 18 years of experience and is currently based in Melbourne with Peraco. Tim’s areas of expertise are Environmental Auditing (Contaminated Land), Soil and Groundwater Sampling Design and Methodology, Evaluation and Interpretation of Chemical and Analytical Data, Assessment of Impacts on Soil and Groundwater from Contaminated Sites, Assessment of Exposure Pathways and Risk Management, Quality Control and Assurance Procedures, Risk Communication. Tim has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Environmental Management of Hazardous Materials), Deakin University.

Dale McGill, Acting Principal Adviser Site Contamination, South Australia EPA

Dale has qualifications in Chemistry and Chemical Process Technology with over 10 years professional experience, and is currently studying a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Health Practice. Dale is responsible for managing the orphan site budget and tracking it throughout the progress of all EPA assessment programs. Dale has also managed, from a regulatory perspective, approximately 150 service station sites with varying degrees of contamination.

All enquiries can be directed to ALGA at sigs@landandgroundwater.com

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