ALGA’s Annual Industry Excellence Awards

Congratulations to all our winners for 2018!

2017 Best Remedial Project  >$1M - ENVIROPACIFIC - PFAS Water Treatment Plant, Coolangatta Airport (Qld) 

2017 Best  Regional Remedial Project - VENTIA, JACOBS - Cox Peninsula (NT) Remediation Project

2017 Best  Operation of a Site Investigation - VENTIA, Senversa, RenewalSA - High Resolution Triad Investigation at former Brompton Gasworks (SA)

2017 Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition - SYRINX ENVIRONMENTAL - Burnie (Tas) Waste Management Centre Landfill Leachate Treatment Project

2017 Outstanding Innovation Advancing the Land & Groundwater Industry - EPA VICTORIA - Fishermans Bend (Vic) Groundwater Study

2017 Outstanding Individual in the Contaminated Land & Groundwater Industry - Frances Lee 

2017 Outstanding Leadership by a Woman in the Contaminated Land & Groundwater Industry - Jackie Wright

2017 Most Promising Professional in the Contaminated Land & Groundwater Industry - Ben Hanley

2017 Lawyer Of The Year in the Contaminated Land & Groundwater Industry - Claire Smith


Entries for 2018 close 15th August 2018 and should to be submitted to

The Awards will be presented at the ALGA Annual Awards Dinner after the 2018 ALGA AGM.




The submission must:

• Be received by ALGA before 30 September 2018
(email submission to or mail:
ALGA Studio 40 Hoddle St Robertson NSW 2577 Australia)
• Be based on a remediation project
• Apply to a project substantially completed during 2017 or 2018
• Apply to a project within Australia or New Zealand
• Demonstrates best performance against the judging criteria

The evaluation committee comprises experienced professionals from across the various segments of the industry, who are active ALGA members.


Awards and Judging Criteria


Identify your Project (with evidence of substantial completion) and briefly explain why the work merits recognition
(special challenges & innovations). In less than 2 pages, submissions should address the relevant judging criteria as
noted below:

Judging criteria for Awards 1-4

Award 1: Best Remedial Project (<$1M)

Award 2: Best Remedial Project (>$1M)

Award 3: Best Remedial Project (Regional)

Award 4: Best Scoping/Operation of a
Site Investigation

a) evidence of significant environmental, economic & social obstacles & benefits
b) evidence of practical application of regulatory
requirements (Incl WHS)
c) evidence of productive engagement with all project stakeholders.
d) evidence of effective communication of new
knowledge to the industry

Award 5: Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition

Primary criteria:

a. A remediation project largely finalised within the last
2 calendar years including the entry submission year
(or policy, if evidence of it having influenced projects is
provided) in Australia or New Zealand;
b. Significant attention to environmental, economic and
social components
c. Entry includes a description of a conceptual relationship
to SuRF ANZ or international SR framework(s) or to the draft emerging ISO on Sustainable Remediation; and
d. Evidence of significant sustainability outcomes.

  Additional criteria:

a. Evidence of specific social and environmental
improvement and economic benefit;
b. Evidence of beneficial brownfields development attributes;
c. Evidence of engagement of the project with regulatory
practice requirements  or a local jurisdictional regulator; and
d. Evidence of meaningful engagement with the community
Applications are not restricted with respect to length
or content but should be reasonably concise.

Award 6: Innovation or Research that Advances
the Land and Groundwater industry

a. Demonstrated progress in uncovering new knowledge
in soil or water contamination
b. Demonstrated applicability of research outcomes to
improve industry practice
c. Demonstrated communication of new findings and
their value to industry




Award 7: Outstanding Contribution by an
Individual in the Land & Groundwater Industry

a. Demonstrated involvement in advancing the
knowledge of peers in the industry
b. Demonstrated success in their role on a project
involving remediation
c. Demonstrated success in advancing improvements to the regulations, practices and technologies,
research, sampling, testing, assessment or remediation

Award 8: Outstanding Leadership by a Woman in the Land and Groundwater Industry

a. Demonstrated involvement in advancing the
knowledge of peers in the industry
b. Demonstrated achievement in advancing industry
c. Demonstrated success in their role on a project
involving remediation

Award 9: Most Promising Contaminated Land
Professional of the Year

a. Applicant must have less than 2yrs experience
in the industry
b. Demonstrated effort to increase personal
knowledge in land and groundwater remediation
c. Demonstrated involvement in advancing the
knowledge of peers in the industry
d. Demonstrated success in their role on a project
involving remediation

Award 10: Land & Groundwater Lawyer of the Year

a. Demonstrated expertise in the statute and
common law applying to contaminated land
b. Demonstrated development of solutions to
complex problems involving contaminated land
c. Demonstrated actions to advance understanding
of the law applying to contaminated land and
contributed to its development.

Award 11: Best Contaminated Land Photo

a. Outstanding representation of the benefits
intended to be achieved by the industry
b. Outstanding representation of technologies and
methods involved in site assessment or remediation
c. Outstanding photographic effects to convey the
nature and purpose of the site contamination and
remediation industry







The core focus of ALGA is to support advances in the prevention, assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.

ALGA was formed in July 2007 to provide a forum and identity for the Australasian contaminated land and groundwater industry, and to support the many professionals working in the field.

ALGA has a broad base of members including landowners, property developers, engineering consultants, geotechnical & remediation contractors, regulatory agency staff, government, lawyers, laboratory staff, financiers, researchers and academics.

ALGA’s mission is to provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and knowledge between people involved in the management of contaminated land and groundwater throughout Australasia.

The excellence awards have been developed to support this vision.



2017 Winners - The Annual Industry Excellence Awards bumped the Awards categories to 11, making this event one of the most prestigious in the Remediation industries' calendar.

2016 Winner -  (Clean up Project Excellence Award) - Ventia for “Macdonaldtown Gasworks Remediation" - click here

2016 Winner -  (Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition Award) - Ventia for "Macdonaldtown Gasworks Remediation" - click here

2015 Winner -  (Clean up Project Excellence Award) - Enviropacific for "FTA Remediation, Point Cook" - click here

2015 Winner -  (Sustainable Remediation Project Recognition Award) – Coffey for "Solar Thermal Aerobic Recirculation Remediation System" - click here

2014 Winner -  (Clean up Project Excellence Award) - Parson Brinckerhoff for "Sustainable Treatment Using C3TM Refridgerated Condensation - click here

2013 Winner -  (Clean up Project Excellence Award) - Thiess for "The Botany Car Park Waste Encapsulation (CPWE) Remediation Project - click here

Past winners confirm: “We’ve been able to use this award in our marketing, and the benefits extend beyond the recognition of our peers, it’s also a great way to confirm to each individual involved that their contribution is known and appreciated.”


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