Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCP Australia)

Site Contamination Practitioners Australia (SCP Australia) aims to provide improved outcomes for all stakeholders involved in the contaminated land industry by ensuring, through a recognised certification process, that those dealing with contaminated site issues have the necessary level of knowledge, expertise and skill. It will also provide appropriate and specific recognition for the profession, for the expertise of practitioners working in a complex environment, and for the profession’s contribution to society.

SCP Australia will seek to satisfy the following objectives:

·         establish a framework for promoting best practice standards for service excellence;

·         establish a nationally consistent professional standard; and

·         promote the establishment and use of training resources to support practitioner development.

Certification is a professional industry standard that provides recognition to practitioners working in the field of environmental risk assessment and remediation who can meet the requirements for certification. Successful applicants who meet the criteria will be awarded the title: Certified Practitioner: Site Assessment and Management.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Contamination and Remediation of the Environment (CRC CARE) will provide crucial backing to SCP Australia to establish it as a national, independent and respected initiative with broad sector support.

More information on the website http://scpaustralia.com.au/about/


EIANZ - Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme

The Certified Environmental Practitioner (CEnvP) Scheme aims to ensure that talented, skilled and ethical environmental professionals are given due recognition in line with their professional counterparts from engineering, accounting, planning and architecture.

Certification provides a greater level of assurance to the community, employers, clients and professional associates of the credentials and peer recognition of an environmental professional. By certifying practitioners that meet high standards of professionalism and ethical conduct, the Scheme assists in improving environmental practice and environmental outcomes.

The Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme is an initiative of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ) aimed at:

·         facilitating interaction among environmental professionals;

·         promoting environmental knowledge and awareness; and

·         advancing ethical and competent environmental practice.

Specific guidelines have been developed for Practitioners applying for the CEnvP Contaminated Land Specialist category. The Scheme is open to all environmental professionals who can meet the requisite competency criteria of training, experience, professional conduct and ethical behaviour.

More information on the website http://www.cenvp.org/about/


Soil Science Australia - Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS)

Soil Science Australia provides accreditation for suitably qualified members of the Society as Certified Professional Soil Scientists. A Certified Professional Soil Scientist is an accredited professional who has achieved the Standards for Professionals in Soil Science. CPSS's are recognised by their professional body as professionals who continually expand their knowledge and skills throughout their career, by seeking professional development opportunities.

The objectives of the Society include:

·         further the expertise in soil science of members;

·         provide a forum for discussion on soil science;

·         promote wise management of the soil resource throughout Australia.

Soil Science Australia recognises CPSS accredited members in the Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CSAM) competency area. A Certified Professional Soil Scientist - Contaminated Site Assessment and Management (CPSS CSAM) is a professional soil scientist with specialist skills in the assessment and remediation of soil, groundwater and vapour. A specialist in site contamination with soil science knowledge provides specific, unique skills and insights into site contamination, especially in relation to sampling and the soil physical, chemical and biological processes of movement and likely special distribution of soil contaminants.

More information on the website http://www.cpss.com.au/

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