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Managing CLM Project Risks Through a One Team Vision

CLM and Remediation Projects invariably come with a number of risks which Clients all too often find out the hard way. Clients, Consultants or Contractors, all had something to learn from Dr John Hunt (Senior Technical Advisor for Ventia Remediation) as he took us through a few of the key risks we should be assessing during Project Risk Workshops. ...

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Regulatory and Technical Challenges in Mine Rehabilitation

Mine Rehabilitation was in the spotlight again as the Queensland Government had proposed a new policy for mine rehabilitation in response to the recent review of Queensland’s financial assurance framework (conducted by Queensland Treasury Corporation).

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Duty of PCBU to Conduct Exposure Monitoring and Duties Under HSWA

The objective of this forum was to clarify consultants’ legal duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act (2015) HSWA and its regulations in regard to exposure and workplace monitoring, and discuss how consultants undertaking exposure monitoring can support PCBUs in meeting their primary duty of care in work related health risk. The forum did discuss the competency expectations for exposure monitoring and interpretation of data including chemical monitoring and noise monitoring. Discussions did also cover WorkSafe’ s view on best practice in exposure and workplace monitoring, reporting and interpretation of data. ...

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