NZ 5th Contaminated Land Conference

1st – 3rd May 2018, Rydges Latimer Christchurch

ALGA is pleased to launch our 5th Contaminated Land Conference held in Christchurch at Rydges between 1st – 3rd May 2018. This is the inaugural event for Christchurch and we eagerly anticipate hearing the contributions from local and international speakers.

ALGA is inviting industry specialists to submit an abstract relevant to the outlined proposed session themes that are listed below. Please click here for the abstract template.

Abstract submission deadline: Friday 1st December 2017


Call For Abstracts – Proposed Session Topics


Regulatory Updates

We are seeking papers that clearly explain and address new Regulatory updates:

  • NES Regulatory Updates
  • New BRANZ Guidelines (for Asbestos)

Legal & Corporate Issues

We are seeking papers addressing:

  • Risks for Property Developers
  • Privileged Information & Professional Ethics
  • Remediation Cost Estimating

Contaminated Site Investigation

We are seeking papers which will provide overview the current state of the art for site investigation & risk assessment methodologies for:

  • Point Source Contaminants (eg Lead, Meth in buildings)
  • Diffuse Contaminants (eg Nitrates, Phosphates in surface waters)

Contaminated Site Remediation & Case Studies

We are seeking papers that will guide attendees on specific projects of interest and illustrate the lessons learned, such as

  • Legacy Landfills
  • Application of Sustainability Measures

Emerging & Re-emerging Contaminants

We are seeking papers that address emerging contaminants (eg PFAS, TCE, Meth etc) and the specific challenges they pose, such as:

  • Health Risks & Research Status
  • Interim Regulations, acceptable Concentrations
  • Sampling Difficulties
  • Testing Difficulties
  • Remediation Alternatives

Innovation & New technology

There are huge changes in the technology we can use in our work, tell us about some of your recent developments and lessons learnt working on the cutting edge

  • Site Measuring Equipment eg real-time reporting equipment
  • Remediation Methods eg Bioremediation
  • Issues arising in Remote Sites
  • Data Management, use of Geospatial Software, GIS.

Social & Communication Issues

We are seeking papers that address the importance of productive interaction between all parties involved in contaminated sites and the effective approaches to gain/maintain positive community relations

  • Corporate-Social Responsibility
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Community Communication


We are looking for papers from projects and practitioners looking beyond the edge of our current norms, such as:

  • Use of drones to gather data, robotics to collect samples.
  • Benchtop remedial techniques.
  • Offsite monitoring of sites using remote technologies.

Poster Session: Research Projects

We are seeking students and researchers to showcase investigations, present findings, and explain the potential benefits to the industry.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to send Shardai an email at




The evolution of a Contaminated Land Conference in NZ, came about due to feedback received from our NZ membership, seeking a conference specifically for the "contaminated land and groundwater" industry prepared by people within the industry.

In 2014, ALGA ran it first conference in Auckland. The event went for 4 days, offering 2 x 1 day workshops, a full day conference forum and then a 2 day workshop. It attracted over 100 different delegates from all over New Zealand, as well as Australia. Should you wish to view the conference proceedings, click here or please go to the papers section under the resources tab.

In 2015 the second conference was run in Auckland. The event had 3 pre-conference workshops (Asbestos, Sustainable Remediation & Geochemistry in Groundwater) followed by a 2-day program. Should you wish to view the conference proceedings, click here or please go to the papers section under the resources tab.

The 2016 the program started on Tuesday with a closed regulator forum or full-day workshop; Wednesday & Thursday conference sessions and Friday with 2 full-day workshop options. Should you wish to view the conference proceedings, click here or please go to the papers section under the resources tab



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